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10 Gadgets to Help with Your Daily Chores

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Written by Louise Vee

Let’s face it and embrace it: this is not the 19th Century when our ancestors beat rugs outside, or exposed themselves to lead, or sent their kids to the factory to run dangerous machinery.

It’s not even the 20th Century, when we had to wrestle a heavy vacuum cleaner up the stairs or stack dishes carefully into a massive dishwasher that took up the open space in the kitchen while it was attached to the sink.

Well in the 21st Century we ARE getting closer to that goal. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which modern technology has changed the way we tackle our chores. Presented in no particular order, here are some great modern conveniences that both lighten the workload, and make it more fun.



Vacuuming just got easier and much more fun! Not only will your family enjoy technology-driven chores but now you can make a Youtube video of your cat riding around on top of your Rollibot. This is why we have technology in the first place, people: cat videos. Just think of what else you could be doing while the carpets vacuum themselves.

Clean Your Windows

10 Gadgets to Help with Your Daily Chores Ecovac


In case you didn’t think technology could handle certain jobs, you can now appreciate the window cleaning robot! From the bathroom window that is unreachable to the plate glass view you enjoy of the downtown region, you now have the means to clean them easily. The beauty of these many devices is that you can eat lunch while the windows get done, or play a round of that video game you have to level up in. Could multitasking be any easier?

Dry Cleaning

10 Gadgets to Help with Your Daily Chores Swash

How can technology reduce your bills? By extending the time between dry cleaning runs. A handy device that removes wrinkles, neutralizes odors, and tightens up the sag from stretched out waistbands is a device worth the investment. Using a quick ten-minute cycle the Swash Express Clothing Care System will freshen clothing for another day. It’s a simple set up with two steps: decide where you want it stored and then plug it in.

Tech Support

10 Gadgets to Help with Your Daily Chores Akface

Here’s a simple way to control lights and more within your house: grab your phone! Use the Akface remote control for controlling and monitoring appliances, and you can control lights so you never come home to a darkened house again. That makes slasher movies easier to watch, right? Well, maybe not. The Akface monitors energy usage as well, so your environmentally- friendly goals you set for yourself can become a reality.

Yard Work

10 Gadgets to Help with Your Daily Chores Robomow

This is one of the chores that starts family quarrels. Perhaps having a robomower will stop those battles… or perhaps the battle will only shift to who gets to use it. No matter what, there is nothing cooler than a programmable robot mower that not only mows various contours of land, but gets itself out and puts itself away. What WILL you do with your weekends now?

Cleaning the Pool

10 Gadgets to Help with Your Daily Chores Dolphin

One of the reasons some people don’t own a pool is because they see the maintenance that their neighbors are subjected to. This handy device will open up options for pool owners and their hesitant counterparts. With remote control and scanning ability that ensures accurate cleaning, owning a pool just became that much easier. Consider this: anything with a remote gets you eager and willing help from the family!

Kitchen Duty

10 Gadgets to Help with Your Daily Chores Stirmate

One of the reasons we love technology so much is because it frees up our hands. What could do this better than a pot stirrer? Planning for that holiday feast just got a lot easier. Go ahead, make your candy, develop your own special sauce, and have a kitchen gadget that will make cooking chores easier. Have a kitcheny friend who loves getting their recipes just right? This is as good as magic!

Dental Hygiene


Motorized toothbrushes have been around for awhile. This one is different because it has smart technology that reacts to the pressure you apply while brushing and alerts you if you are pressing too hard. Many dentists have found that this is a common problem that erodes dental health over time. With an app to provide immediate feedback to improve your brushing technique and prevent cavities, you have a back up system to help you brush more effectively and have better dental hygiene. Not only does it light up, but its light can change colors, too!

Water Leaks

10 Gadgets to Help with Your Daily Chores Heneywell

Do you have a corner of your basement where water seeps in after a storm? Is there an appliance you don’t exactly trust to do its job without leaking? The Honeywell Water Defense Water Sensing System is a water detector. It sounds an alarm when water comes in contact with any part of the four feet of cable provided. Annoying issues like discovering mold in a corner of your house are now a thing of the past.

Do Anything

10 Gadgets to Help with Your Daily Chores Echo

The Next Coming Thing is here, people. Amazon Echo is an entire system of chores run for you with only your voice command to start it. Do you want the lights turned down low for that anniversary dinner at home? How about special music playlists to set the mood? The Echo can do that and more. Check the news, turn up the heat, plan a trip, schedule your dry cleaning (after you’ve used the Swash a few times, of course), and find your phone!

So What Will You Do?

After all is said and done, chores will still be there. After all, someone has to wander outside and tell the robomower to get to work. While technology is still catching up to our wishes and dreams, it has come a long way in simplifying our house hold work. Free time means picking up the guitar again, or pursuing that dream of growing prize winning roses. It may simply mean more quality time with the kids.

Whatever you do, you are part of the changing social landscape as chores become easier for people and free time becomes part of our standard of living. Our ancestors did things the hard way because they usually had no other choice. We can do things in easier, safer, more fun ways. Technology is the great equalizer, too: it makes it easier to spread the work around to other family members. Now there’s a view of free time we hadn’t quite considered: equal access to chores.


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Tech Geek and Traveler by heart. Loves Wildlife, Nature and Street photography. Cancer survivor.

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Louise Vee

Tech Geek and Traveler by heart. Loves Wildlife, Nature and Street photography. Cancer survivor.

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