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12 Jobs That Wont Exist in 25 Years Time

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Written by Izak Van Heerden

For many of us, our jobs are our lifeblood. We schedule the rest of our lives around our job, adjusting family demands, vacations, etc.

Working hard, and working at least 40 hours a week is something that has been handed down to us from our parents, from our grandparents, indeed all the way back for hundreds of years. Massive changes have occurred in the workplace in the last 30 years or so, coinciding with the rise of computers and other specialized technologies.

12 Jobs That Wont Exist In 25 Years Worker

The job force looks very different today than it did even 10 years ago. Some of us have adapted, and some of us have been forced out of the workforce forever. If this much change has occurred in a decade, what will the human workforce look like in 25 years?

In his book, The Work of Nations, Robert Reich divided the U.S. workforce into three groups:

  • People who perform repetitive tasks.
  • In-person services, where the human touch was necessary.
  • Symbolic analytic services  – people who perform problem solving jobs.

Robert is of the opinion that not only the first category of jobs above will fall, but eventually in-person services as well as problem solving jobs will fall to AI, patter recognition, big data and learning algorithms.


It would be wonderful to advise our children on which jobs will still be available in 2041, and which jobs will no longer exist. This article will attempt to look into the future, and try to examine this question.

12 Jobs That Wont Exist In 25 Years

Postal workers

12 Jobs That Wont Exist In 25 Years Postal Worker

Since the mid-19th century, working for the US government sorting and delivering mail was a solid career choice providing a good pay and decent benefits. Although the United States Postal Service has tried valiantly to compete with UPS and FedEx on parcel delivery, mail delivery has dropped dramatically since email came around.  There is no way to compete with drone-based delivery, however, and that’s what’s starting to happen now. Amazon has captured the delivery service market, and plans to use futuristic drones for delivery services are right around the corner, as well as FedEx’s plans to use pilot-free cargo planes.

Typists and Word Processors

The digital writing has been on the computer ‘wall’ for some time now, and the culprit in this case is voice recognition software. Google Now and Apple’s Siri allow users to talk to them instead of type. Smaller companies such as Dragon Dictate allows users to simply read or use their voice, and they are rewarded with accurate and fast transcription and dictation. In 25 years everyone will either use wearable devices with this capability or have a retinal screen implanted. Instant real-time translation will be available for all the world’s languages.

Taxi Drivers and Bus Drivers

12 Jobs That Wont Exist In 25 Years Taxi Driver

Uber’s self-driving vehicles will keep being refined until they’ll no longer need a human sitting in the driver’s seat. Autonomous vehicles are just the tip of the iceberg as far as robotic engineering goes.

Newspaper delivery people – E-readers and smartphones are gaining in popularity each year, to the chagrin of those people who say that electronic screens could never replace the printed word. Online newspapers will focus on more instant messaging, and their ability to keep users updated minute by minute signals the death knell for traditional paper newspapers. No printed words? No need for anyone to deliver them.


Robots will be in charge of all the stockrooms. They’re better at unpacking shipments and unloading trucks, as well as loading and unloading food freezers. Humans suffer many injuries in stockrooms and warehouses. Robots do not.


In supermarkets and restaurants, or any other store for that matter – Goodbye to human cashiers. Digital checkout is the wave of the future. Also, shoppers in 2041 won’t even remember what it’s like to physically having to go to a store to buy food or clothing. All items desired will be ordered online and delivered right to your door.

Fashion models

12 Jobs That Wont Exist In 25 Years Models

The trend for fashion models to become thinner and thinner plays havoc with their health. In the future, androids – a robot that is built to resemble a human – will be able to model fashions online. Also, a woman’s measurements will be known, and the android will be designed to perfectly match the human’s height and weight.

Photography lab processors

Digital photography has won the battle of the photo hands down. Cell phones or tablets will have the ability to print hard copies on quality paper if so desired.

Factory workers

With advances in 3D printers, we’ll be able to print out anything that we need, No more need for humans in traditional factories.

Construction Workers

12 Jobs That Wont Exist In 25 Years Construction

Most houses will be 3D printed, and the same goes for skyscrapers. There will be other jobs associated with this industry, but gone will be anything involving brawn or manual labor.

Attendants in Senior Care Facilities

As our seniors age, they will be much better cared for by androids, who won’t hurt their backs picking them up, can dispense the right medications at exactly the right time, and will be able to play cards, chat, or other things that human aides have been doing.

Referees and umpires

There’s always been critics against umpires, because we all know that humans are fallible. Goal-line technology will be improved to such a point that there will be no margin for error.

Don’t Despair, Though…

Many other jobs will be created that will be less manually taxing and hopefully, a bit more interesting and fun than many of the jobs listed above.

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12 Jobs That Wont Exist In 25 Years


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Izak Van Heerden
Izak has witnessed a couple of decades worth of changing tech. He hopes to make it a couple more until his conscience can be copied to a cyborg body.

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Izak Van Heerden

Izak has witnessed a couple of decades worth of changing tech. He hopes to make it a couple more until his conscience can be copied to a cyborg body.

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