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3 Ways to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android

Transfer Contacts from Android to Android
Written by Darren Wall

Changing phones and tablets can be an upheaval sometimes. If you’ve already stored up plenty of photos, documents, and contacts on your current device, you may be wondering how to move everything over to an entirely new handset. If you want to transfer contacts from Android to Android, there are thankfully a few tricks you can try.

Use the Contacts App

Perhaps the simplest way to move contacts from Android to Android is to use the default apps you have available. In particular, we are referring to the ‘Contacts’ app. That is probably going to be the first app you’d head to when thinking about transferring such data across.

Transfer your Android phone contacts using a VCF file

Here’s what you have to do if you want to export all of your contracts over to a new device:

    1. open up your Contacts app, tapping menu (or ‘more’) and then settings.
    2. Next, head to ‘manage contacts’ and then tap the ‘export’ function. You’ll now be able to export your contacts stored on your device as a VCF file.

Now you need to know how to share that file with your new phone or tablet:

  1. Go to and select the ‘Downloads’ app. Find the VCF that you’ve just created, then tap ‘share‘ under settings (which will be represented by three dots).

You should be given the choice of several sharing options, such as via Gmail, Outlook, Google Drive, or messaging. Once shared, open the VCF via the new device, and you’ll be asked to save your contacts. Simple!


Use a SIM Card

Providing you are moving over to a device on the same cellular network as your old smartphone, SIM swapping should be nice and easy. You may have already saved your contacts to your SIM. This is the card which provides your handset with service and a connection. It can also store quite a bit of data on-board.

Save your Android phone contacts on your sim card

If you’re unsure if you’ve saved contacts to SIM, it’s a good idea to double-check, here’s how:

    1. Find and select the Contacts app and head to the menu or ‘more’ section as listed above. Tap on ‘manage contacts,’ and head to ‘export contacts.’

There should now be an option for you to export your contacts to your SIM card.

  1. Tap on that and wait for the process to complete. Once confirmed, you should now be able to take your data with you via SIM.

This is the preferred method for many people who stick with the same cellular network. If you have purchased another Android device which is registered to a different network or carrier, you may have to unlock it before you can transfer anything via SIM. Doing this can often cost a little extra money. Therefore, where possible, use the SIM transfer method when moving from same-network phones and tablets.

Chances are, if you are already moving your number and service over to your new device, you’ll already have your contact transfer in hand.

Use Bluetooth

Firstly, make sure – of course – that your Bluetooth connection is turned on at both devices. You may already have this switched on by default, and you can normally tell by the small Bluetooth logo at the top of your screen.

Transfer your contacts using Bluetooth

    1. From the device, you wish to initiate the transfer, head to the Contacts app, menu / ‘more,’ and then ‘manage contacts’ and export settings.


While I’ve offered you an exact route to this above, your settings and their appearance may actually vary from device to device and Android version. However, they can generally be found in the same place; it may just take a little extra exploring!


  1. From here, you will need to do something referred to as sharing your namecard. This is an easy way for you to sync your contacts from one device to another automatically. Click ‘share namecard via’ when the option arises, and then tap ‘Bluetooth.’
  2. You will now be asked to confirm which device you would like to connect to. You will be able to find your new phone or tablet in this list if you have named it already, or if you know the make and model of the device in question. On the new device, tap to confirm the transfer and wait for it to complete.

Transfer Contacts from Android to Android with Ease

It may be tempting to download a third party app to move your contacts around. However, the easiest ways to transfer contacts from Android to Android are those which are already built into your hardware and software. The above tips should help you on your way if you want to preserve your existing contacts with your new device.

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