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5 Best Nintendo Switch Games for Girls in 2018

5 Best Nintendo Switch Games for Girls
Written by Dimitri Kyriakou

Gender and gaming: Is there a difference between female and male gaming preferences?

It is apparent that men and women have varying tastes in multiple areas of life. From a young age, ‘gender appropriate’ toys are assigned to us – Barbie’s for girls and plastic soldiers for boys. Even in adults, this noticeable trend continues, in the color of the clothes we wear to the styles of cars we drive, but does this passive division of the sexes and identity breach into the digital, more specifically into video games.

Best Nintendo Switch Games for Girls

When discussing gender preference in gaming, there are many variables to consider in addition to male and female, such as age, social class, gaming platform and more. With all these elements in a constant flux, difficulties arise in proposing what the precise differences and similarities are between male and female gamers.

The most prominent difference observed between the two genders in recent research, is that of ‘core gamers’ (gamers who play five or more days a week), and of those who consider themselves core gamers – 70% are male. However, studies show that a near equal percentage of females and males alike play video games on one or multiple platforms. Of these gamers, each gender displays a predilection towards certain ‘genres’, with females trending towards puzzle, simulation and action/adventure games, while males prefer shooters, sports and strategy games, but statistics cannot account for the personal tastes of each individual gamer.

If men are from Mars, and women are from Venus, gaming is from Earth – nestled safely between two contrasting worlds. Video games are ultimately a tool for recreational enjoyment, and usually only discriminate against those lacking opposable thumbs.

5 Best Nintendo Switch Games for Girls

  • Dragon Quest Builders
  • Overcooked
  • Minecraft
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • SnipperClips


Dragon Quest Builders

Yes, Dragon Quest Builders shares certain ‘elements’ with Minecraft, but it is uniquely its own game. This RPG, resource gathering and construction spectacle of a game is hosted in the world of Alefgard, where all manner of creativity has been lost, and villages have been left to ruin.


Your role in this marvelous adventure is that of a builder, who travels in search of mining resources to construct tools in order to repair and expand your small town. The building and mining operates in a simplistic way that is comfortably similar to Minecraft. As you progress through the game there are four chapters of an engaging story line and multiple blueprints to unlock, which assist you in discovering your inner architect.

While running about and scavenging for materials in the world of Alefgard, there are plenty of foes waiting to cause you harm, but have no fear because with your mighty builders hammer you smash, bash and swipe them into oblivion.

The fighting, however, leaves something to be desired with its unintuitive feel and pro button mashing allure, yet there is some unfathomable drive to continue brawling with enemies. This in no way detracts from the enjoyment factor of Dragon Quest Builder, as it is first and foremost a creation game, with blocks of vivid color to mine and in turn fashion a medieval town as unique as you are. The creators of Dragon Quest Builders got the recipe just right, as there is plenty of action, building and a witty dialogue to keep players of all ages entertained throughout.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This is it! If you were to buy only one game for your Nintendo Switch; it must be The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This latest edition to the acclaimed franchise breaks away from the pattern of its previous titles. Link is thrust into an open world of Hyrule very different from the previous versions. After being in a slumber for one hundred years, Link wakes to explores a massive world rife with animals to hunt, people to trade with and secrets to uncover.

Link grows in power and ability by completing Shrine Quests which are scatted around the world, but only after tackling brain-crushing puzzles and formidable combat is he rewarded with the Spirit Orbs needed to boost his stamina and strength. Upon completing Shrine Quests, they become fast travel points on the map. With tough and diverse foe, it is recommended to complete many Shrine Quests before taking on more hardy adversaries. In this edition of the Zelda franchise, the games’ adventure is captivating, the world is breath-taking and the action absolutely addictive. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has somewhat of a perfect hybrid feel between Skyrim and the traditional Zelda games. A genuine Nintendo masterpiece.


A close second on the list is a delicious game called Overcooked. In this fast-paced arcade style game you can play solo, or up to four chefs in the co-op mode as you and your chefs frantically run from counter to counter chopping, grilling and carrying various ingredients until the prescribed dish is completed and passed through to ravenous customers; who tip better for speedy service. The lively little chefs simultaneously prepare different aspects of the meals; working as a team to achieve a better score.

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The munchkin chefs are guaranteed to get a laugh out of you as they run around numerous interesting kitchen levels; bumping into one another and causing what can only be described as comedic chaos. Each new kitchen brings with it new recipes that are to be completed within their given time limits. Overcooked is simple enough to grasp its gameplay swiftly, the levels are diverse enough to keep it feeling novel, and the general addictive nature of it is undeniable.


Almost every gamer knows what Minecraft is, but for those select few who are unfamiliar with it, Minecraft is an open world crafting game that allows to you create almost anything your mind can conjure up by using resources. There are three game modes in Minecraft, the first is creative-mode for those who wish to simply build and create, the second is survival-mode where you are thrown into a random world and left to scavenge, craft and mine for your resources, and the third mode is adventure-mode in which you follow rules of the adventure and progress through a story; restricting it as linear mode.

Nintendo Switch is the second portable version of Minecraft to come out; the first being on PlayStation vita. However, the version available on the Nintendo Switch is higher up on the power spectrum. Minecraft has proven to be an all-time classic game, and now with the introduction of its uncompromising portable version available on Nintendo Switch; it is sure to be another highly enjoyable success.

Snipperclips Plus

The original Snipperclips is rife with solo and/or multiplayer puzzle solving madness, that is gripping in a way which keeps you playing for hours without dull moments. So what has changed in the updated Snipperclips Plus? As far as gameplay and mechanics are concerned nothing, but with the addition of thirty new stages and seventy-five new standard levels across two new worlds – the thoroughly fun and mind-busting enjoyment of Snipperclips has only been enhanced. Manipulating your environment and partner (multiplayer) by cutting moving and bending objects in a 2D world to solve puzzles and beat levels sounds like a good time, but it’s better than that. Nintendo has openly placed all its confidence in the franchise by selecting Snipperclips as their favourite indie game, choosing to publish it themselves from an initial batch of independent titles.

In Snipperclips Plus, teamwork has never felt this rewarding, after several brain racking minutes of attempting to solve a puzzle by cutting, moving and balancing various objects across vibrantly coloured levels to achieve a glorious ‘level completed’ banner, floods you with a sense of felicity. The only aspect of this captivating game that could be interpreted as negative, is that the music tends to become monotonous after spending an extended period of time attempting to complete a level.  



5 Best Nintendo Switch Games for Girls

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Dimitri Kyriakou
Born in Pretoria South Africa, have a keen interest in ancient history, literature and football. Part time hobby photographer and a self proclaimed amateur chef. Currently completing an undergraduate creative writing degree.

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Dimitri Kyriakou

Born in Pretoria South Africa, have a keen interest in ancient history, literature and football. Part time hobby photographer and a self proclaimed amateur chef. Currently completing an undergraduate creative writing degree.

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