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5 High Tech Kitchen Appliances You Should Know

5 High Tech Kitchen Appliances You Should Know
Written by Edna

Kitchens are an integral part of a household. Either you make them boring and dull or make them drool-worthy, the choice is yours. I like my kitchen to be a small place filled with gorgeous colors and countertops. However, what makes it more interesting? The introduction of technology and appliances, which is what makes a kitchen more functional and easy to work in.

Technology has been playing a dominant part in our lives for years. Be it smart homes, smart devices, and now smart kitchens in the form of the Pressure cooker, toaster oven and much more. From simply using the blender and processor in our everyday meal to regular advances in kitchen appliances, we have now started relying more on machines to make our meals more exciting, hassle-free and less time-consuming.

In the article below, we have listed out five high tech kitchen appliances that will make your lives not only easier, but will want to make you step into the kitchen every now and then. You will not need any special culinary skills for that. Trust me; it is just about some special techy goodness to learn!

1- Anova Sous Vide

5 High Tech Kitchen Appliances You Should Know Anova Sous Vide

A special device that promotes the practice of cooking food in a hot water or steamer while placing it in a plastic pouch. This concept has become very popular in the US and UK in the past couple of years. The Sous vide machine heats a certain amount of water on a desired temperature so that you can cook food in a plastic pouch, which is vacuum-sealed. This is usually preferred for cooking meat, lobsters or even steaming fresh vegetables. You can order this device only for $149 from all leading online stores.

 2- Philips Airfryer

5 High Tech Kitchen Appliances You Should Know Philips AirFryer


When it comes to tech gadgets, the idea behind their invention also includes the primary objective of health and clean cooking. This device, the Philips Airfryer replicates a deep fryer in a very positive way. It uses only a teaspoon of actual oil and a whole lot of hot air to fry things, which results in the same quality of food but with reduced fat and calories. Who doesn’t love fried foods after all? But this device takes care of your health while giving you the same taste and crunch you crave.

A tiny drawback; the air fryer comes in a hefty price of $250 and takes up a lot of electricity. Might be a little heavy on your budget but can be a good investment for your kitchen.

 3- LG Signature Refrigerator

We all have a strange habit of opening our fridge every time we crave a snack or head home from work or wake up in mornings. But sadly, whenever you open your fridge, the cold air sneaks out making it even harder for the machine to keep the food fresh. The new LG Signature refrigerator has a unique Insta View Door-in-Door feature, which lights up the inside world just as you knock the fridge. This saves a lot of energy and keeps all the cold air inside. In addition, it contains an auto open-door detector at the bottom of the fridge that automatically opens the door when your hands our full with other ingredients.

What a crazy addition to your kitchen! It is available at all electric stores for a price of $10,888.

 4- Sensor Bins by Hippomart

For making the kitchen neat and hygienic, these sensor bins are specially designed to automatically open the lid of the bin whenever the sensor detects your presence. They are stylish, come in different designs, sizes, and have an immaculate stainless steel finish to make them poles apart from an ordinary dustbin. A few smart models also contain soft-closing lids, a deodorizer compartment and lid lock. You can your suitable design and size according to your kitchen needs. The original and default size costs $149.90, which is available for delivery at www.

 5- Maverick ET-735 Wireless Thermometer

5 High Tech Kitchen Appliances You Should Know Maverick

The favorite part of every family dinner is barbecue. Either you cook it on stove, grill pan or a barbecue set, it has always been about barbecuing slow and steady so that your meat retains the perfect texture and taste. For this very purpose, the wireless thermometer is invented. It helps you monitor the temperature of your meat from up to 160 feet distance. Which is good in a way, because this prevents you from opening the grill repeatedly to check the readiness of the meat. Once you have set checked the temperature and time, you will know when the food is done.

You can buy this at $90 from all major online and electric stores. Indeed a great techie addition to your kitchen appliances.



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