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6 Innovative Dog Products to Make Your Life Easier

Written by Zvonimir Potocki

"Pet technology items range from pragmatic ones that help you keep your pet in check and safe, over ones that help you keep them healthy to the ones that are designed purely for you and your pet to bond and have a good time."

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1Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Camera and Treat Dispenser_Stars_5_small_Find_Best_Price_small
2PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain_Stars_5_small_Find_Best_Price_small
3ThunderShirt Dog Anxiety Solution_Stars_4_small_Find_Best_Price_small
4BazooK-9 Tennis Ball Launcher Gun_Stars_4_small_Find_Best_Price_small
5PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System_Stars_4_small_Find_Best_Price_small
6Petsafe Yard & Park Rechargeable Dog Training Collar_Stars_4_small_Find_Best_Price_small

We will examine some top pet tech items and see how they compare to one another as well as how valuable they can be to you and if they are worth purchasing. We will try to present you with the pros and the cons of getting these items and their influence on your pet’s well-being and health.

Top 6 Innovative Dog Products

ThunderShirt Dog Anxiety Solutionbest dog gadgets thundershirt resize

The ThunderShirt is a dog jacket designed with the purpose of calming your dog down in stressful situations. I am sure anyone who owns a dog has seen the poor thing afraid, excited or over excited, and this jacket will help your dog feel better in such situations.

Coming in different sizes, this jacket will be a comfortable fit for all types of dogs. The jacket is made of durable material that will not collect your pet’s hair and is machine washable. The makers of this jacket promise that it works in over 80% cases and countless testimonials go hand in hand with their claims.

I would recommend this product to anyone whose pet has issues with separation anxiety, loud noises such as parties and fireworks, or general issues like uncontrollable barking or hyperactivity. The jacket, once set right on your pet, will comfort it and give it just the right cozy feeling that will significantly reduce its stress level.


Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Camera and Treat Dispenserbest dog gadgets petzi treat dispenser

No matter how much we love our pets, the fast paced lives we are forced to live often have us separated from them for the majority of the day. Who among us hasn’t wanted to see our pet at some point during a hard work day?

Petzi allows you just this. Through a Wi-fi camera, attached to a mobile app, you will be able to use your phone to quickly and easily see how your pet is doing. The app will also allow you to snap a quick shot of your pet and post it on the Petzi social network, designed just for your pets.

But this is not where the fun stops. A high quality audio speaker on the pet’s side will allow you to talk to your pet and with a simple push of a button you may release your pet’s favorite treat right out of the treat dispenser and make his day.

This product will keep you and your pet well connected throughout the day, and you are both bound to benefit from the additional time spent bonding even from afar. What is more, dogs especially often suffer from separation anxiety, and Petzi will allow you to stay in touch and keep your dog more comfortable during your time apart.

The only slight downsides of the product are the few second delay on the audio and the lack of two way audio, but these are minor drawbacks and any pet owner should be absolutely thrilled with having Petzi installed in their home.

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountainbest dog gadgets petsafe drinkwell pet fountain

Another great piece of technology invented specifically for your pet is the PetSafe Pet Fountain. As the name suggests, the product is a water dispenser designed specifically for your pets.

Keeping your pet well hydrated can be a very significant part of keeping it healthy overall. Replacing your pet’s water on a regular basis can be hard as many people are away from their pets for many hours at a time, and leaving a big bowl of water for them will make the water stale, as well as possibly bacteria infected after some time.

The PetSafe Pet Fountain allows for a free falling stream to keep circulating the water in the fountain, keeping it fresh and clean as well as enticing your pet to drink more water and stay hydrated.

This fountain will keep your pet well hydrated and healthy during all the long hours you have to keep away, and it can be easily unplugged and cleaned up within minutes once you are finally back with your pet.

BazooK-9 Tennis Ball Launcher Gunbest_dog_gadgets_bazook_9_tennisball_launcher_resize

Playing fetch with the dog is one of the most common and fun ways of playing with them. Not only is it fun for the owner, but the dogs seem to never be able to get enough of this game. And while there is nothing wrong with manually throwing the ball, this product will certainly add some extra fun into it.

The product works in a very simple way. It will allow for normal size tennis balls and other similar balls to be inserted. A total of three balls can fit into the gun at one time. Pulling the rod back and pulling the trigger will send the ball shooting through the air and your dog chasing after it.

While this product is not necessary for playing fetch, your kids will absolutely love this and I am sure more than a few adults won’t mind using a bazooka-like “weapon” instead of throwing the balls manually.

Playing fetch is good for both you and your pet, and will make sure your pet stays active and feel useful.

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment Systembest_dog_gadgets_pet_containment_system_resize

Another product by PetSafe, the Wireless pet containment system is designed to keep your pet safe, without having to put chains on it. The product consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter should be hidden in the middle of the containment area, while the receiver is located in your pet’s lightweight collar.

Once set up, the transmitter will transmit a radio signal that will be picked up by the receiver in the collar. As long as the pet remains within the prescribed area, nothing will happen. If the pet tries to leave the area, the collar will first sound an audio signal, and if this does not turn the pet back it will shoot slight static at the pet, warning it to turn back.

This method has proven to be a fantastic method of training dogs into not leaving the yard they are meant to be playing it. The advantage of this technology is that you can allow your dog to roam freely around the back yard without worrying it will run into the street and get hit by a car, while being completely free and unchained. Your pet will be happier and you will worry less.

Petsafe Yard & Park Rechargeable Dog Training Collarbest_dog_gadgets_dog_training_collar

Training your dog to behave in desirable ways can be a real pain sometimes. This dog training collar helps you greatly with that process. With 8 levels of stimulation and correction and positive and negative tone buttons, using this collar will allow you to train your dog faster and more effectively.

While we all love spending quality time with our dogs, animals often have a mind of their own and tend to act in ways that leave you frustrated. Whether running around without control, or simply completely ignoring you, you will want to teach your dog how to behave in a way that allows you both to enjoy your time together.

The testimonials of dog owners and trainers alike on this product have been nothing but stellar and if you are having problems with your pet’s behavior I strongly suggest you get one of these and try it out. You won’t regret it and neither will your dog.

What To Look Out For

Known Manufacturers

When looking to buy pet technology, make sure that you are buying from companies with reputation and experience in manufacturing such products. There are many companies nowadays selling pet tech, but buying a known brand will certainly make it more likely the product actually works.

Like buying things for a child, you must also be careful when buying items for your pets. Pets can be very sensitive to different sorts of things such as materials, sounds and colors. Make sure your manufacturer is one you can trust and who knows what they are doing.

Light brown terrier with glasses looking at laptop


Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you are buying the product and check out the user testimonials. While an occasional bad testimonial is bound to be found on any product page, a higher number of negative testimonials will usually mean there is something wrong with the product.

Positive testimonials, on the other hand, will give you reassurance. Make sure you read through them and see what other pet owners are saying. After all, these are the people who own pets and they will certainly not recommend a product that may hurt other people’s pets or simply not work.


While some years ago we used to only buy our pets food and minor items, the modern day pet stores will leave you baffled by the number of technological innovations  meant for your pets you will find in them.

To better take care of your pet, make sure to take advantage of these innovations and you may easily find yourself greatly improving your relationship with your pet and his overall well-being.

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