7 Gizmos to Put on Your Desk and Wow Your Colleagues

7 Gizmos to Put on Your Desk and Wow Your Colleagues Banner
Written by Louise Vee

You’re working on a tough project and pondering some sticky issues meanwhile your fingers are fidgeting while you work through it all.  Gizmos on your desk help keep your hands moving while your brain is hard at work.  Small items on your desk can make you smile, remind you of people and great times and personalize your office world.  We know that work can be tough but it shouldn’t be without a little entertainment.

To keep your brain and fingers happy, we’ve created a list of desktop toys that will keep you busy and impress even the fussiest colleague.  They might also creatively inspire you as your look at things a little bit differently.  They are also great conversation starters because people are more relaxed when they realize that you have a thoughtful, humorous side to your personality.

7 Gizmos to Put on Your Desk and Wow Your Colleagues:

Senders 6 Inch Floating Globe with LED Lights Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe World Map for Desk Decoration (Blue,6Inch)

7 Gizmos to Put on Your Desk and Wow Your Colleagues Floating Globe

While you are pondering world domination, what better way to spur your creative juices than watching the globe slowly shift before your eyes.  Magically floating and rotating in mid-air, this globe will mesmerize you with its stunning simplicity.  As it is equipped with LED lights, it is also beautiful at night and in low light situations.

The electronically controlled magnetic system keeps the globe shifting seamlessly as it levitates above the base.  As a gift, this globe will be unforgettable or keep it for yourself to spruce up your desk or shop!  The vivid colors of the globe and its hypnotic movement make this an eye catching accessory for your desk or table.


Kikkerland Magnetic Decision Maker

7 Gizmos to Put on Your Desk and Wow Your Colleagues Decision Maker

Sometimes decisions can be tough and we all need just a little help knowing whether our choices are the right ones.  Enter the Kikkerland Magnetic Decision Maker!  This helpful little desktop accessory can help you determine your fate.  Simply release the ball and the pendulum will swing to yes, maybe, no way, try again or ask a friend.  Like it’s cousin, the Magic 8 Ball, it’s perhaps not the most scientific approach but it’s a useful and fun way to check your gut instinct.  Decision making has never been easier when you let the universe decide your fate.

Glantop® Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy for Intelligence Development and Stress Relief (Set of 160 Balls, 1 Magnet Base)

7 Gizmos to Put on Your Desk and Wow Your Colleagues Magnetic Sculpture

Through the magnet base, you’re able to create modern sculptures right on your desk!  The small steel balls stack and pile with ease allowing you to create one of a kind forms.  Not only does this small gadget relieve stress, it also spurs your creativity and builds your brain’s muscles.  The multi-size balls allow you to create new shapes and forms every time you use them.  There is no end to the array of designs you can create in your free time or stolen moments.

Toysmith Euler’s Disk

7 Gizmos to Put on Your Desk and Wow Your Colleagues Eulers Disk

Science comes alive as the disc spins on this desktop accessory.  Ironically, the disc spins faster the longer it goes.  The sounds and colors of the spinning disc become hypnotic.  The rhythmic humming of the spinning disc on the concave mirror base is guaranteed to delight and charm both you and your guests.  The instruction booklet includes all of the scientific information to fully understand the phenomenon of this piece.

Academy da Vinci Clock

7 Gizmos to Put on Your Desk and Wow Your Colleagues Davinci Clock

You’re a smart, intuitive business person who can be considered a renaissance person.  Show that love of beauty, history and knowledge with a distinctive desktop toy.  You will be the envy of the cubicle farm!  The Academy da Vinci clock is a reproduction based on sketches from Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks.  Whether you hang it on the wall or place it on your desk, it will definitely spark many conversations.  The intricate system of weights and gears is designed to keep accurate time while still being a beautiful piece of art.  The clock is powered by a precisely weighted pendulum so no additional power source is needed.  This clock serves the practical function as a clock but it also creates whimsy and interest in any room or office.

Zen Sands Art Display. 8″ Decorative Tabletop Moving Sand Picture

7 Gizmos to Put on Your Desk and Wow Your Colleagues Sand Art

Find your inner Zen with this slow moving sand picture.  When you are spending a few productive moments day dreaming about the beach, you mind will start shifting as the sand gently morphs into new shapes.  The soothing movement is peaceful and creates a serene environment.  Each time that you flip the frame, new shapes will emerge leaving you with new images to ponder and explore.  Display it on your desk or table to engage visitors or use it to savor a few moments in the middle of a long afternoon.  The soothing motion will reduce anxiety and relieve stress during a hectic workday.

PowerTRC® Liquid Motion Bubbler (Dark Blue Pink)

7 Gizmos to Put on Your Desk and Wow Your Colleagues Liquid Motion Bubbler

Like the lava lamp of the 1970s, the slow movement of colorful bubbles will mesmerize and engage everyone.  It is proven to reduce anxiety in both children and adults.  The slowly changing colors and drift of floating bubbles reduces stress and inspires creativity.  Its small size makes it perfect for your desktop without creating clutter or taking up valuable space.  In fact, it’s about the size of a cellphone so it will nest comfortably wherever you decide to use it.

Desk toys are an interesting way to engage visitors to your office or spend a few moments pondering the world around you.  They show a little bit about your personality and outlook on life.  Sometimes, they show your goofy side or your thoughtful, insightful side.  Whatever you choose to put on your desk, it speaks volumes to those around you.  While sometimes silly on the surface, they do actually play a vital role in your work life.  Desk toys relieve stress and allow you to look at problems from a different angle.  Sometimes, fiddling with a small gadget or gizmo can help you have an “aha” moment that you wouldn’t otherwise have had.


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