Apps to track people without them knowing

Written by Darren Wall

We’ve all heard of Big Brother, the not so mythical eyes and ears in the sky that can keeps tabs on us as we go about our daily business right? But, have you ever considered having a piece of that power for yourself!

Seriously the power to do so is available now! And it comes in the form of modern apps to track people, that enable you to track a mobile phone via GPS in a covert manner.  Or openly with the knowledge and agreement of the person you’re tracking.

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The morality of covert tracking can lead to lengthy debates, but wouldn’t most parents with difficult teenagers sometimes wish to know where their kids disappear to? Trust but verify. Right?

Apps to Track People – 5 of the Best

So, if you want to know where your wife or husband is, or just be reassured that you know where you children are. There are many free and paid apps to track people available for both Android and iOS. So keep reading if you want to find out more about these apps.

GPS Phone Tracker

Apps to track people GPS Tracker


Available on Android this is one of the most popular GPS based apps to track people I have seen. First off, it needs to be installed mutually so there is no covertness about it. Meaning that you have it on your phone and anyone who you want to track needs to have it on theirs too!

On a basic level, the apps feature’s give you the ability to find your friends and get directions to wherever they are. Plus, if you ever lose your phone you can check on the developer’s website for its whereabouts (I assume it has to be switched on for this to work) but it is a useful benefit to have.

Other features include, stay connected, this allows you to discover where a friend or child is at any time you choose by checking the onscreen GPS tracking data. However, this apps to track people’s best features are its paid ones, which is a little disappointing especially considering that without them it doesn’t provide anything new and exciting!

GPS Location Tracker

Apps to track people 1

This iOS app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad and is capable of tracking any iOS device with a GPS, Wi-Fi or Cellular connection. The developer mentions within its literature that this app quietly records the location of any device it is installed on. However, I’m not sure if it does this covertly or with the person being tracked permission.

Like with the previous app, this tracking app can be used to discover the whereabouts of your children, partner or even to trace work colleagues and vehicles. With data periodically being uploaded to a secure server for you to view when you want to.

As with all apps to track people, GPS location tracker has a set of standard features, that are free at no extra cost. However, and I have to point this out, the app is not a free app to begin with, so you’ve actually already paid for them.

These features are location monitor, the ability to track multiple devices, real-time updates, Geo-Fencing so you set an allowable range to travel within, SOS panic button for emergencies and there are a whole lot more.

As I mentioned previously, this is a paid app, but for what you get the price, I personally think it’s a bargain!

GPS Tracker Hidden

Apps to track people 2

This app is the first of the apps to track people I’ve seen, which is obviously meant to be installed on say a husband or wife’s Android phone without them knowing what it’s doing. GPS Tracker Hidden masquerades itself as a battery, CPU and memory monitoring app. Whilst all the time in the background it is covertly tracking that person you don’t trust!

Developed by a company called GPSWOX, this app has a lot of features for a free one that include, real-time tracking with the ability to view exact locations. Plus, there’s the all-important Geo-Fencing, which sends out alerts if someone leaves or enters a designated area, home, school or work.

You can get this app from Google Play however, before you install it I would recommend you do some research and make sure all of its features are free. As it seems to be a little too good to be true for me.

Family Locator – Life360

Apps to track people Family

If you’re not looking for a snooping app, but more of a family friendly one. This is the first of the apps to track people that firmly places itself as a companion for you, your family and friends to stay connected and to know each other’s whereabouts when needed.

The app is installed on to each and every device that wants to be a part of what the developer is calling “Circles”. Circles can consist of close family members, such as parents, children and grandparents, who share location information with each other and can also communicate via an included messaging system.

Available on both Android and iOS this app does require a monthly subscription to unlock some of its more premium features. But, there are enough free features for you to get some benefit from using it. However, if you want features like driving directions to a connected device, the ability to track a lost or stolen device and the use of a panic button maybe you should consider paying!

Couple Tracker

Apps to track people Couple Tracker

If you’re looking for a slightly different take on the apps to track people thing, there is Couple Tracker. Pushed by its developer as the only cheating prevention and detection app available for couples. It requires both partners to agree to allow their opposite to record and monitor their digital activity.

Digital activity means, any calls, texts and social media activity with the first 30-characters of any text recorded in the free version and 50 in the paid app. Plus, there’s GPS tracking of a partner’s phone with location updates provided in 30-minute intervals.

Personally, I think any couple agreeing to install and use this app already has some serious issues to contend with and Couple Tracker probably won’t help!
If you want to know more about this app, it’s available to download via Google Play.

Final Thoughts

During my search for apps to track people, I came across literally 100’s that I could have included in this article. However, I discovered that although there are some unique ones, which offer some rather innovative services for keeping an eye on your children or untrustworthy partner. The majority offer the same features, some for free and some paid.

So my advice to you, if you’re considering using one of these apps to track people would be to do some research on them before you install on your phone or the person you want to tracks phone.

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