8 Artificial Intelligence Films You Can’t Miss

8 Artificial Intelligence Films You Cant Miss
Written by Edna

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You are lucky to be born in an era where things that were considered to be science fiction a short while ago, are becoming more of a reality in our lives.

We find ourselves in a world where human-like computers function, progress and learn in such ways that make it impossible to distinguish from that of living human beings.

This phenomenon can be seen through various applications on our phones; even the new Android OS for example is focused on learning the habits of the user to simplify daily tasks.

However, it is interesting to note that movies have already been hinting about this brilliance years ago, even before the first smartphone came into being. 

Here is our list of the best Artificial Intelligence movies of all times. You can find them on Netflix, YouTube or Hulu.


1. Ex Machina – 2015

Representing the directorial debut of Alex Garland, Ex Machina revolves around a young coder Domhnall Gleeson who goes for a week’s holiday at his boss’s country retreat only to find out a unique invention of AI in body of a breath-taking girl called Ava. Besides his development of robots, the movie unfolds the unique perception of an inventor who mechanics life into lifeless creatures.

2. I. Artificial Intelligence – 2001

A series of unexpected and thrilling adventure that starts off when a couple adopts a robotic boy David as their child. Watch as the mystery develops when David begins to find the true difference between human and robots and his life among them.

3. 2001: A Space Odyssey – 1968

Though it was released in 1968, this scifi film predicted many things that is happening up to the present. A story of a group of astronauts who are sent on a space mission when bizarre things begin to happen. Their ship’s computer goes off the rails eventually leading them to discover strange mysteries about space and time.

4. Metropolis – 1927

Also known as a first robot based film, this epic scifi laid the foundation for many other scifi hits in future. A story of a German city where a highly cultured civilization lives above a bleak world full of mistreated workers. The movie progresses when a cultured youth begins to discover what resides under the city and becomes committed to helping them. A wonderful story that leads to conflicts and further differences between the two civilizations.

5. Alien: Covenant

The Alien series shows us the good and evil sides of AI. From Ash the bad android in Alien, then Bishop who saves the day in Aliens, to David, the worst of them all. The casual heartless way in which humans and Aliens alike become pawns of his gruesome experiment is enough to send shivers down the spine.

6. I, Robot – 2004

Inspired by a short story, this blockbuster takes you into 2035 where a cop suspects that a robotic servant Sonny had kills its owner by pushing him from the 50th floor window. The story gets interesting as a massive robot uprising occurs as a result.

7. The Matrix – 1999

An action-packed classic where Dark-suited AI-based agents patrol the program. A prominent theme in the film is the fightback by people to preserve their humanity against faceless enemies. A film solely based on the progressive era of machines that was predicted way back in the 18th century.

8. Blade Runner – 1982

An all-time Ridley Scott’s classic set in present 2019 LA. The movie paints a story of bio-engineered robots that were indistinguishable from humans. They have a four-year lifespan and were implanted with human emotions and memories to make them feel as if they were humans.


The list just does not end here. Even though Artificial Intelligence turned into reality in the 20th century, it had already been imagined in the 1920’s. There were movies that foresaw the machine era taking over long before it had begun.

The genius brains behind the movies were game changers for both scientists and engineers, and paved way for more research and development. Obviously, each film had a different message, but they all explored the idea of a machine intelligence playing a larger role.

You can find a number of movies that were not only classics but gave a powerful message on how impactful Artificial Intelligence can be. Which one is your favorite?

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