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The Basic Home Security Checklist Every Home Needs

The Basic Home Security Checklist Every Home Needs
Written by Wendy Dessler

Home security is essential for making sure your belongings– and more importantly, your people– are kept safe from intruders. Many intruders are opportunists, who are more interested in an easy way to get in and out without getting caught than targeting specific homes or people.


Do you know what your home is missing for security? Here’s a basic home security checklist to evaluate what you’re doing well and what needs to be improved.


Do You Have an Alarm?


Alarms are a worthwhile investment no matter what neighborhood you live in. Having alarm monitoring by Alarm Grid ensures that someone is always watching out for you and help is on the way should a problem arise. Many people who live in nice neighborhoods forgo an alarm because they deem it unnecessary, but it’s these areas that get targeted the most.


Home alarms aren’t just for when you’re away or sleeping; they’re essential if you have someone who stays at home during the day. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of break-ins take place during daylight hours when everyone is expected to be at work or school. Having an alarm system in place during the day, as well as having the doors locked, can prevent a tragedy. If you have an alarm, post a decal that shows passersby that it’s in place.


Do You Have Ample Lighting?


The Basic Home Security Checklist Every Home Needs

Take a walk around your yard in the evening and evaluate the lighting situation. Ideally, you should have a well-lit yard with your lighting positioned so there are no obvious hiding places and points of entry are illuminated rather than shadowed.



There are a few ways to go about adding lighting to your yard. You can keep it simple with solar-powered lanterns along your walkway. Additionally, stalling motion-sensor lights at the front and back of your house can deter potential intruders from attempting to break in. Having a large light (think streetlight) installed if you live in a rural area with a large driveway is also a wise investment for security purposes.


Do You Have a Vacation Plan?


One simple way to keep your home secure while you’re absent is to make it look like you’re home. Using a home assistant or simple timers, you can have lights go on and off at different intervals rather than leaving your house dark. Additionally, leaving a car in the yard is better than leaving the yard empty.


Ask to have your mail held at the post office while you’re away, including any newspaper or flyer deliveries that could indicate your absence. Finally, practice common sense online by not advertising your absence on social media. Those Instagram worthy images of you at the beach can wait until you get back home.

Are You Discreet with Valuables?


Consider what’s visible to people passing by your house. Do you have a big screen television that can be seen clearly from the picture window? When you purchase something new, do you put the boxes out for garbage collection, showing everyone what you’ve acquired? Is your shiny outdoor grill visible from the street?


Try to be inconspicuous when arranging things in your home and yard. Take care not to advertise any valuables you may have.


Have You Changed the Locks?


Everyone should hire a locksmith to change the locks when they move into a new place or after a bad breakup. This simple proactive security measure ensures that any keys to your house that may be floating around won’t allow a complete stranger to walk in. It’s hard to believe, but someone with nefarious intentions could even sell your house key to a potential intruder.


If you don’t have deadbolts installed already, this would be the time to consider adding them. Additionally, take this time to add security bars to any glass doors or ground floor windows you have.


Do You Know Your Neighbors?


The Basic Home Security Checklist Every Home Needs Neighbours

Take some time to build a rapport with your neighbors, so that they know to look for any suspicious activity while you’re away. In return, you can do the same for them. Working together will help keep both your house and your neighborhood safe. Starting a simple neighborhood watch program adds an extra layer of protection in your community.


Prioritizing home security keeps you, your family, and your community safe and secure. Lock your doors when you leave the house or when you’re there alone and make it hard for intruders to find a way in.

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