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Written by Louise Vee

When shopping for a pair of headphones it can be easy to get lost in all of the options available. From wireless air buds to insulated studio headphones, the choices can seem as different from one another as possible. Today we are going to blow your mind a little bit more by discussion bone conduction headphones. You’ve probably never heard of bone conduction headphones and that’s okay. Let’s discuss this style of audio listening device before delving into a few of the top options available on the market today.

What is Bone Conduction?

Have you ever noticed that your voice sounds different on a recording than when you listen to yourself speak? There is a very good, and scientific, reason for this — you aren’t just a little bit crazy! The human skull conducts a lower set of frequencies far better than the air around you does. You’ll end up perceiving your own voice in a different way as a result.Now, translating this idea to headphones we can see that there is a real chance for audio revolution in your listening experience.

Bone conduction headphones offer you the chance to listen to music in as true a way as possible, boosting the quality of your listening experience as a result. Since we don’t just use our ears to hear, it makes sense that we would focus on our other listening instrument – our bones. Bone conduction headphones aim to transmit audio straight through your bones instead of blocking up your ears. The results are immediate, impressive, and they will change the way you approach your listening experience.

Why Consider Bone Conduction Headphones?

As you can see, this kind of technology has some serious potential to change the way we approach our audio listening needs. Imagine having a pair of headphones that don’t need to block your ears while still delivering you the full and high quality sound that you are used to. Many people consider bone conduction headphones because it gives them the option to multi-task in a safe way. You can listen to your headphones while walking, jogging, cycling or hiking and never run the risk of being taken unaware by a car or another person.

A Solution for the Hearing Impaired?

Bone conduction headphones aren’t just a matter of convenience, however. Bone conduction headphones are also a breakthrough way for people to listen to audio despite having some form of hearing impairment. If you have a hearing problem that conventional headphones can’t help with, then bone conduction headphones could be the product that you need in order to get back to listening comfortably.

Now that you have an understanding of what bone conduction headphones are and why people use them, let’s go ahead and dip into the shopping aisle. Listed below you’ll find a few of the top bone conduction headphones on the market today. We’ve sorted these headphones by: value, luxury, and affordability.


Luxury Option: Aftershokz AS600SG Bone Conduction Headphones

Best 4 Bone Conducting Headphones Aftershocks

If you are going to try some new technology then you might as well pay up and get the best that is available to you. These Aftershokz open ear bone conduction headphones utilize an ergonomic design while implementing top of the line bone conduction tech. Users of the AS600SG model will see that the headphones create slight vibrations through their cheeks and inner ears. This provides you with an unrivaled listening experience that features a full and resonant audio display. Aftershokz’ luxury model provides 6 hours of music and voice communication inside of a durable titanium frame. This model is Bluetooth capable. We suggest this durable model to anyone who is looking to listen to music while partaking in physical activities.

Middle Option: Wellvoo Waterproof Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones

Best 4 Bone Conducting Headphones Wellvoo

If you don’t want to spend triple figures for a pair of bone conduction headphones then you might want to consider our mid-level option: the Wellvoo Waterproof headphones. These headphones are designed to be as comfortable as possible while still being sturdy and reliable for athletic usage. Since this is a pair of bone conduction headphones they do not go over your ear. Instead the audio is transmitted via vibration through your cheekbones which then ride up and into your inner ear. This means that you are able to hear the world around you while still listening to your music. This means that these headphones are great for working outside, jogging in town, and even cycling around town. Wellvoo also has their headphones rated at IPX7 which means that you can wear these headphones worry free while at the beach, jogging in the rain or hiking through moist conditions. The Wellvoo Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones last for six hours on a single charge.

Value Option: KSCAT Open-Ear Bone Conduction Headphones

Best 4 Bone Conducting Headphones KSKat

KSCAT may be a smaller name in the audio/visual world but that doesn’t mean that their products are any worse for tor it. KSCAT actually has one of our favorite mid-tier bone conduction headphones on the market right now. These headphones allow your ears to stay unblocked while your audio is still delivered seamlessly through the familiar cheek bone/inner ear pathway. KSCAT headphones are great for folks with hearing impairments as well as the customer who likes to stay busy without staying distracted. These headphones are Bluetooth capable and they sport a battery time of around 6 total hours. What we really like about KSCAT’s offering is that they have different sizes. Every head isn’t made the same size so it is nice to have variety for once. You can ensure that you are getting a pair of comfortable headphones that do what you need, with this model.

Entry Level Option: Allimity Open Ear Bone Conduction Headphones

Best 4 Bone Conducting Headphones Allimity

We are at our final pair of headphones now. We figure that you might not want to leap into a big purchase without first trying out the technology. Allimity has a gorgeous pair of bone conduction headphones available at an 80% discount, allowing users to jump into the bone conduction world for just $30. This pair of headphones implements the bone vibration technique that we have become so familiar with. Small, well crafted, acoustic speakers direct vibrations through your cheeks and into your inner ears.  These headphones are wireless, Bluetooth capable, and perfect for just about any kind of physical activity. We particularly like how sturdy this pair is for jogging or cycling. The battery time on the Allimity option runs around 5 hours per charge, with recharge times pretty darn fast.


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