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Best Android Apps for Child Anxiety

Best Android Apps for Child Anxiety
Written by Louise Vee

Many children in the world today have fears and worries that make them feel hopeless and sad. These fears may exhibit themselves at different times during their development. Although anxiety is common in children, parents should avoid extreme forms of fear to avert its occurrence. Common symptoms of anxiety involve thoughts and feelings, commonly known as internalizing disorders. They can also make them misbehave and cranky during the times they should be doing worthwhile activities.

When children cannot outgrow their fear or worry, it may interfere with their school and home activities. In extreme circumstances, they can be diagnosed with anxiety disorder.

Types of Anxiety Disorders

a) Separation anxiety-When children are afraid of being away from their parents.
b) Phobias-They has extreme fear for specific items or circumstances such as fear of dogs or fear of going to the hospital.
c) General anxiety-It involves being afraid of the future or bad things unfolding.
d) Social anxiety-It involves children being afraid of places where people have to socialize, like schools and churches.
Anxiety makes children angry or irritable. Anxiety symptoms may include trouble sleeping and physical symptoms such as stomachache, headache, and fatigue.

How are Parents Addressing their Children’s Anxiety?

Due to technological advancement, parents are looking into android apps to address the anxiety of their children. The following apps have been selected from various websites and verified by therapists. They offer a variety of approaches from guided meditation, sleep stories, mindfulness, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. These kid-friendly apps are usually on a low-cost or free trial basis and have in-app purchases.

Piku – Calm Kids

Best Android Apps for Child Anxiety Piku Calm Kids

Piku – Calm Kids

It is a guided mindfulness meditation designed for children between 3 to 12 years. These meditations assist in alleviating stress and anxiety in children, helping them lead calm and focused lives. This app offers relaxation and breathing exercises that children can participate in to feel at ease. It also has activities such as magical and fun trips. Additionally, flying carpet rides, visit castles in the clouds, blowing bubbles, and making friends with fairies are there. These help the children to maintain calmness.


Children’s Bedtime Meditations for Sleep and Calm

Best Android Apps for Child Anxiety Childrens Bedtime

Best Android Apps for Child Anxiety Childrens Bedtime Meditation Kids

It is a high-quality children meditation app that Divinity Publishing Limited designed. The app contains several features such as meditation stories by children audio authors like Nick and Sam, Glenn Harold, Lynda Hudson, Heather Bestel, and Dr. Elizabeth Scott.

This app has six free bedtime meditations for kids, and other mindfulness reflections are available as in-app purchases. The app is designed for children of all ages and covers a range of themes that help children sleep soundly at night. It also addresses issues such as self-esteem, anxiety, stress, confidence, mindfulness, and sleep.

Ninja focus

Best Android Apps for Child Anxiety Childrens Bedtime Ninja Focus

Ninja Focus

It is a mindfulness platform that gives individuals an opportunity to regulate their emotions, fall asleep faster, and learn to focus. Behavioral pediatrics, development experts, and yoga instructors had a hand in the design. It is meant for children between the ages of three to 12 and offers guided meditations, yoga flow poses, bedtime stories, and music.

a) Bedtime stories and sleep meditations-Help children to relax to a bedtime routine.
b) Short, guided meditations- Help children to sleep, focus, be mindful, and other activities. This app helps kids to regulate their emotions, cope with stress and live a fruitful life.
c) Music- It is engineered for children and has by- neural beats that seek to inspire sleep, relaxation, and focus.
d) Yoga poses and flows- Assists children to increase confidence, fight anxiety, and help with sleep.
e) Progress tracking and trophies-Act as incentives for children to keep on meditating.

Meditation KIDS

Best Android Apps for Child Anxiety Childrens Bedtime Meditation Kids

Meditation Kids

This app focuses on meditation. It draws the attention of the child from their thoughts and calming their mind. Children teach themselves how to accept feelings of frustration or anger without falling into compulsive thinking. It also teaches them how to be calm in all situations.

The app features various applications that include the following:
• Peaceful Sleep– Designed to relax the body in a nonviolent way helping the children fall asleep quickly.
• In Search of Treasure– An exercise designed to help children focus on breathing until they fall asleep.
• I am an Active Volcano-Helps a child to accept feelings of frustration and anger calmly.
• I Do Not Want to be a Whiner-It is a guided meditation designed to make the child stop complaining and be thankful for every situation.

One way to manage anxiety is through mindfulness and meditation. It helps children focus, improve their short and long- term memory, and increase their attention. It has restoration effects that increase the resilience of the child towards bullying, stress, and depression. It also builds their capacity for kindness. Meditation helps to improve sleep quality. It ensures that children fall asleep for longer and faster. It teaches kids to be kind and compassionate. It also helps them to instill compassion, responsibility, and resistance to violence.

Anxiety is manageable if detected early, as it can lead to a disorder that will need medication. Consider using the above apps if your child is struggling with anxiety. Some of these apps are free and can be a great help to your child.

Ultimately we recommend you seek help from a professional if you suspect your child is suffering from anxiety.

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