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Best GoPro Attachments for Snowboarding and Skiing

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Written by Izak Van Heerden

GoPro has a huge range of accessories and it can get quite confusing knowing which ones you do and don’t need.

Without the right accessories you could end up getting bland POV footage. With a bad mounting, you could end up with a camera shaking too much or even no footage at all as your camera might fall off and be lying in a ditch somewhere on the mountainside.

You could also endanger yourself or other skiers if your attention gets distracted.

Recommended GoPro Accessories for Snowboarding

Best GoPro Attachments for Snowboarding Giro Edit Snowboard HelmetBest GoPro Attachments for Snowboarding Helmet Front MountBest GoPro Attachments for Snowboarding Smatree 7-in-1Best GoPro Attachments for Snowboarding Suction Cup Small
Best GoPro Attachments for Snowboarding WiFi RemoteBest GoPro Attachments for Snowboarding WiFi RemoteBest GoPro Attachments for Snowboarding BacPac

Not Recommend

GoPro Suction Cup MountBest GoPro Attachments for Snowboarding Suction Cup

Many snowboarders have lost GoPros when using sticky pads as means of attachment. Apparently cold conditions have a neutralizing effect on the glue. The GoPro suction cup works great on metal and glass surfaces, but wood and certain types of fiberglass with a grain will just not work. So how do you mount a camera on the skis? Apart from using screws (not recommended if you don’t know what you’re doing) you can try the 360 Degree Rotating Wrist Mount as ankle mount.

Tips On Making an Interesting Video

POV video have many detractors but also many defenders. POV is Point-of-View video, where the camera is fixed to some part of your body or gear. A surefire way to make a boring video is to post a 10 minute clip of the camera strapped to your head or chest going down a smooth hill.

Below is an example of how to make POV footage look appealing:


With any camera you lose a dimension of the action – this can result in hair-raising black diamond slopes that look more like green circle (beginner) slopes. Below are some tips you can use to make your video more watchable, and give the viewer the impression of being there with you:

  • Variety is the spice of interesting video – Have one camera fixed to your helmet or chest, and consider a second fixed to a pole/backpack/ankle.
  • Edit the footage afterwards to jump between cameras every 2-5 seconds.
  • Interesting terrain makes for more interesting footage, like trees, gullies, ramps, slopes, etc.
  • Low-down, close-to-snow footage is more exciting as it creates a better sense of movement, but the camera shake will also be more pronounced and you might get snow on your lens.
  • Many snowboarders prefer a longer pole (35″ or longer), held behind them with the camera mounted upside down. They then easily swop the pole between hands to record in both directions and keep the action fresh.
  • Consider placing a camera on a fixed tripod close to ramps, gullies or other interesting areas. This will be a welcome break from the POV footage.
  • Consider using more “follow behind” footage, but this does require a lot more skill and can be risky.
  • Choose good music for the soundtrack – your choice of music can make or break your video.

Best GoPro Attachments for Snowboarding and Skiing

Best GoPro Attachments for Snowboarding Giro Edit Snowboard Helmet

Giro Edit Snowboard Helmet

This super light helmet not only protects your head but it also has a GoPro mount integrated into it. The sleek design and mount fit seamlessly together so that you only need to buy one piece of equipment. At less than $100 it’s a great buy for an action enthusiast out on the slopes. The only downside is that it’s a good idea to get a few spare screws since they come loose often, and they’re metric.

GoPro Helmet Front MountBest GoPro Attachments for Snowboarding GoPro Helmet Front Mount

If you’ve already got a helmet and you don’t want to shell out for the Edit all in one then this cheap (seriously cheap at under $15) is perfect. This sturdy little thing extends so you can turn the camera back or get a better view of what you’re doing from above. It weighs next to nothing and attaches via a sticky pad. This isn’t something you can take on and off, once it’s there it’s there. If it’s applied properly it’s sturdy, but unlike off-brand mounts, this does not have ball head rotation so it’s limited in the angles you can get. The rubber spacers really help to minimize vibration in your video but it’s a good idea to get yourself some silicone spacers as there is still some rattle that you might hear in your audio.

Smatree® 7 in 1 Accessories kit for GoproBest GoPro Attachments for Snowboarding Smatree 7-in-1

While most adventurers wear helmets having a camera sitting on top seems like a prime way to lose it. A low branch, a low rock ceiling, anything sturdier than the mount, that little piece of plastic holding it on, and your camera and video is gone. The Smatree system is an ideal alternative. By keeping the camera strapped tightly to you with body mounts your camera is not only better protected, but it’s also a lot more flexible. Rather than being stuck only mounting to your helmet you can mount to your wrist (or ankle as we suggested earlier) or chest. The 360-degree rotation is also a major bonus, something lacking from several GoPro mounts. This great kit has amazing value for less than $20 and it really provides everything you need. In fact, you can replace almost everything on this list with just this one kit. Perfect for someone who wants a POV video or shots but wants a little bit of flexibility too, also great for anyone with a budget who wants to get the most from their money. The kit includes:

  • Head Strap Mount  (Not useful for skiing but keep it for your summer sports)
  • Chest Strap Mount
  • Shoulder Harness Mount
  • 360 Degree Rotating Wrist Mount
  • Hat Clip
  • Aluminum Thumb Screws
  • J-hook

Fotodiox Pro WonderPana Standard Kit with Three FiltersBest GoPro Attachments for Snowboarding Fotodiox

You’ll definitely hear people tell you that you can’t put filters on a GoPro, and they’d be wrong! This innovative system comes with three filters to really give your footage a professional feel. The clever mount attaches directly to your case but keeps it waterproof and allows you to securely attach one of the filters while out and about. This is perfect for someone who wants more from their footage no matter what they’re doing. The mount does cause a slight vignetting especially in wide angle mode, but it’s solidly built and will give your images an edge on other peoples.  At less than $30 why wouldn’t you get it, is the question.

GoPro Smart RemoteBest GoPro Attachments for Snowboarding Smart Remote

This is really a must for most people who own a GoPro. especially if you want to be able to view yourself remotely. The remote gives you the flexibility you need to not have to remount or fumble for the on button. The ‘USB chargeable remote is small and simple to use, perfect for when you’re in the middle of something and want to make sure you capture it. Don’t waste memory space recording seconds you don’t need. Screen mirroring means you know exactly what is on your camera’s screen, even if you can’t see it. You can even adjust settings and tag video with the HERO4. For less than $50 this isn’t expensive at all and gives you extra flexibility you may need.

Smatree® SmaPole S1 All-aluminum Alloy Handheld Telescopic PoleBest GoPro Attachments for Snowboarding Smatree Smapole S1

The thought of a Selfie stick might make many people cringe, but the fact is these poles are great for getting a better view of the action. If you want another angle this is the perfect item, as long as you can spare a hand that is. The molded adjustment nut means that you won’t have to worry about losing it and at just over a pound it’s easy to carry, doubly so with the telescoping option so that you can collapse and store it just about anywhere. It can extend to 40″ and remember the longer the better when recording yourself on the slopes, as this will create a better shot.

GoPro LCD Touch BacPacBest GoPro Attachments for Snowboarding LCD Touch BacPac

Say what? Your expensive GoPro Hero 4 Black came without a viewfinder at the back? While this might not be the “must have” for most enthusiasts it does have its uses. The bacpac gives you the option of viewing your footage without having to download it. We’re a generation that loves instant gratification, and what better than to review your tricks just after doing them. the downside is that this eats your battery quite quickly. The resolution isn’t great, but it’s intended as an “on the go” viewfinder more than a proper reviewing screen. Ideal for someone who wants to frame their shots better and because it’s convenient.

 Which is best?

It really depends on what your needs are. For the budget conscious go with the Smatree 7-in-1. The monopod stick and integrated mount helmet will provide you with the options you need to shoot a POV video. The 7-in-1 also provides a couple of options for POV shooting here. For those that want to go the extra mile get the Fotodiox filters, they’ll really amp up the quality of your video and images, especially in bright conditions where the ND filter really shines.

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Izak Van Heerden

Izak has witnessed a couple of decades worth of changing tech. He hopes to make it a couple more until his conscience can be copied to a cyborg body.

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