Best GoPro Mounts and Accessories for Snorkeling

Best GoPro Mounts and Accessories for Snorkeling
Written by Zvonimir Potocki

Warm days are coming and most of us are already dreaming up all the beautiful locations we could visit, many of them at the seaside. Snorkeling is one of the easiest ways to explore what beauty lies beneath, without having to worry about diving certifications, scuba tanks, time underwater, rate of ascent, etc. 

LightBulbResize_transparent Pro Tip:

Get to know your equipment before going into the water. Dealing with a crisis out in the ocean can become tiring, and tired snorkelers sink. If you are renting equipment, try to test out everything in a hotel pool first before heading down to the beach.

GoPro cameras have become popular among snorkelers, for their ability to capture high definition video under water and keep the memories alive for the months and years to come. An entire little industry of GoPro accessories has now developed around this activity, with various gadgets designed to help you get the best out of your under water recording experience.

Best GoPro Mounts and Accessories for Snorkeling

GoPro Hero6 Black

GoPro has been the most widely chosen and highly acclaimed action camera ever. With every new edition coming in, it is getting better. GoPro Hero6 has major upgrades when compared to Hero5. With a new internal processor, Hero6 is faster when compared to its predecessor. It can now shoot at higher frame rates like 60 frames per second while shooting 4K video.

With in-built stabilization, the videos don’t suffer much from all the disturbance during rough conditions. Though both the cameras have a 12MP camera, the Hero6 has a better image quality overall and comes with improved low light performance.


GoPro Hero6 comes with many nuances and improvements. New features like Touch Zoom simplifies zooming and is more accurate for video work. People relying on their GoPro mobile app will enjoy the enhanced Wi-Fi feature in the camera. This camera makes extensive use of the HEVC format. HEVC is not supported in many computer systems apart from the latest ones.

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The main issue is the fact that one can shoot 4K/60 and 1080/240 in HEVC only. The battery life is also another pressing issue. In higher resolution, the battery gets drained pretty quickly. Overall, the improved processor, Wi-Fi speed, shooting capacity are the pros while using the HEVC formats exclusively and battery life are the cons.

Seaview 180 Degree Snorkel Mask


The Seaview mask is the only accessory you need to take into water with you. Well except your GoPro. And your flippers, and maybe your swimming trunks. The Seaview not only has a GoPro mount (on the forehead in front of ventilator), but it is also one of the best masks for snorkeling.

It doesn't fog up. No matter what we did with our test unit, we still had clear visibility, and this is due to clever design with the ventilator. Float on the surface and the ventilator will supply you with air. To dive down, just hold your breath and the ventilator shuts off automatically. The moment you surface, just start to breath normally again - water is drained automatically from the pipe.

The mask will give you a 180 degree viewing angle and can be used with adjustable headbands for maximum adjust-ability.

The only drawback with these masks are the position of the camera. The fact that it is sitting high on the forehead means you will always have a problem keeping the camera submerged while snorkeling. This is a universal problem with full face masks. The test footage we got had the camera getting some blue sky more than underwater scenery.

Still, for pure snorkeling fun nothing could beat this mask. We eventually got the best results wrist-mounting the GoPro.

SHOOT 6'' Underwater Lens Hood Dome Port for GoPro HERO 6/HERO 5/HERO(2018)


While GoPro is an excellent action camera, it alone cannot act as an excellent tool in few particular settings. Enhancements like Dome ports are necessary. One of the main pros of using a dome port is the ability to capture half underwater and half above-water photos. This product offers waterproofing up to 30 meters only.

It comes with three LEDs with their own reflectors. The overall form and shape of the Dome port compliment the GoPro. It comes with top and bottom mounts, so you don’t need to purchase mounts or trays separately. Though it is easily chargeable with a USB port, it does not have very good battery power.

This Dome port is not suggestible for longer dives. However, the LEDs do a decent job of lighting well. It performs well in relatively close ranges. It is a must-have accessory for an snorkeler  or underwater diver.

The only typical disadvantages were the visibility of water droplets, lens reflections, and battery power. During photography, apparently water droplets were captured on the top half of the dome in several images. Also, upon facing a strong light source, the visibility of your reflection of the lens against the dome is another issue.

Scubapro Cruiser Snorkeling Vest


This vest offers an overall increase and buoyancy control. The easy-to-use oral inflator, as well as the dump valve, add to the overall flotation control of the fest. The Neoprene used in the vest adds warmth without compromising the snorkeling capabilities.


The vest also comes with a small pocket for storing any personal items. It doesn’t come with USCD certification and hence should not be confused with a life preserver. It does help in keeping you afloat when you try to swim. Nevertheless, it cannot keep you afloat by itself.

People who are not very good at swimming but love snorkeling can be hugely benefited by this vest. The fit and the overall appeal of the vest is great. It is very beginner friendly. However, for people who don’t use it much, it can be a pricey option. If you are someone who does snorkeling once in a year or so, this vest can be an overkill.

Another downside of using this vest is the fact that it rides up on your chest. Nevertheless, many users have commented that it does not bother them much. With an ease of inflation and deflation, this vest is a perfect fit for people who are beginners and advance users as well.

GoPole GPE-10 EVO 14-24" Floating Extension Pole12


Like a selfie stick you might buy for your iPhone, this extension pole will let you mount your GoPro on it and record either yourself from a distance or any hard to reach angles or areas. Evo is transparent, giving you the effect that you, star of your selfie, are not connected to the camera.

The Evo Pole floats and comes with a strap that keeps your valuable camera close-by. In some cases, scuba divers down 40 feet or more have complained that the wrist strap came off, but it only seems to be at depths that snorkelers won't have breath for.

If you are looking to send a video back home to your family or friends and show them just how much fun you are having, Evo is the accessory that will help you do just that.

CamKix Accessory Bundle for Gopro Hero


This may just be the ultimate underwater recording kit. This bundle consists of several items designed specifically for GoPro use underwater and they can all come in real handy when recording at a depth. The kit consists of a float to attach to the back of the camera, a floatable hand grip, an adjustable wrist strap, an opening tool, a pack of anti-fog inserts and a cleaning cloth.

The floater will allow you to insert your GoPro letting it float on the surface and record the events underneath steadily. The floating hand grip allows you to keep your camera afloat while recording, while the anti-fog inserts may help prevent any blurriness caused to the video due to water caused fogging. The Thumbscrew opening tool will help you loosen or tighten your Thumb screws under water. Overall this set will really make your life easier when recording during snorkeling at an extremely affordable price and every snorkeler should probably own one of these bundles.

Mudder Waterproof Camera Float Foam Floating Wrist StrapBest GoPro Mounts and Accessories for Snorkeling Mudder

This wrist strap is a simple but convenient gadget that will make sure your camera doesn’t sink while you are snorkeling. In case you drop your camera from your hands, it will stay afloat and will be easy to spot with the bright yellow color of the floater on the surface.

The wrist strap is made of soft but durable materials that will ensure your camera’s safety and will carry most common cameras including GoPro Heroes. This wrist strap is extremely easy to use, and coming at a very affordable price, it should be a part of any snorkeling video aficionado’s assortment of goodies.

PolarPro Aqua Filter 3-Pack

If you are filming underwater, the video you get will sometimes need correction for certain colors, as the water will have a color of its own. This three pack of underwater filming filters contains a red, magenta and snorkel filter, each designed with a particular type of water in mind.

The red filter is designed for use in blue and tropical waters. The magenta filter is used to correct the color in green waters while the snorkel filter is used when filming just 2 to 12 feet deep. The red filter will give you the correction necessary under the 12 feet depth where red light naturally disappears. The magenta filter can be used for a similar purpose, to restore the natural colors of the underwater beauty that get distorted due to the missing nuances of red at those depths.

If you want to record clear and color rich videos underwater I would highly recommend investing a few bucks into this three part set of filters that will make the colors of the underwater paradise you are recording truly come to life.

Cressi Light, Swim Fins


These swim fins are primarily made for swimming training and snorkeling. The short blade of these fins gives you increased agility as they are highly reactive and lightweight. As these were primarily aimed at swimming training, these have a near perfect length of the blade. Because they’re made for beginners, they have designed these fins in a way that causes fewer muscle cramps and pain as possible.

Also, the foot pockets made from soft rubber ensures maximum comfort during long snorkeling sessions. These also come with an anatomical foot pocket as well. However, the sizing is a prominent issue. While ordering online, it is suggestible to order two sizes offline. Also, as they are built to train you, they are hard on your thighs and calves. Also, these come with an open toe design which in few cases, they do add a significant amount of drag; nevertheless, it makes them a good resistance fin though.

Though these bring a little amount of soreness and are a bit hard on your calves, they don’t cause any blisters and are extremely comfortable. Overall, they are a decent purchase for both swimming training and snorkeling purposes.

GoPole VenturecaseBest GoPro Mounts and Accessories for Snorkeling VentureCase

Finally, if you are going on a trip, you will need something to carry your GoPro in. While a normal case may be alright, the reality is you will probably want something a little more durable and resistant to weather conditions, especially if you are going on a trip to anywhere that is a little deserted.

The GoPole Venturecase is completely weather proof as it will allow neither water or dust to creep into the compartments under any circumstances. The case will hold up to two GoPro cameras, along with a host of accessories, cables and cards within the pockets zipped up by waterproof zippers.


Spending time underwater is a great way to relax and leave your worries to the world up there. The best ways to recreate that feeling of relaxation is to bring home these underwater memories to the comfort of your couch watching it on television.


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