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Best High Tech Spy Gear and Gadgets

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Written by Zvonimir Potocki

Mention the word “spy” and we immediately think of suave Hollywood characters driving around in Aston Martins decked out in high tech gadgets. The reality is that in every day life we occasionally need to record certain events for our own protection. Sometimes we also need to be aware of what happens to our property or loved ones when we are away from home.

While necessary in some cases, spying is still spying – there is a line we should not cross. Our recommendation is always to not infringe on the rights of others. Spying may seem super fun on TV, but just remember you don’t want to get caught prying in other people’s business, and you especially don’t want to be caught by the law enforcement doing anything illegal. Check the law before using any of these gadgets and only use the ones legal in your jurisdiction.

From catching a cheating husband to using the equipment to cheat at school, spy equipment has been used for both the good and the bad for a number of years, as it has become incredibly available to purchase. We decided to compile a list of our top favorite spy gadgets for you to pick from – use them as you see fit.

Best High Tech Spy Gear and Gadgets

Titathink TT520PW 720P HD Wireless Micro Hidden Pinhole Nanny Spy H.264 Network IP CameraBest High Tech Spy Gear Titathink TT520PW

This camera is an ultimate surveillance tool. As the name suggests its “intended” use is to see what is happening with your baby when you leave it home alone with the nanny. Nevertheless, this tiny camera, size of a quarter coin, can be used to record the video from any kind of environment at any time, while being virtually impossible to detect.

The camera is compatible with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, LAN or POE. It supports Micro SD cards up to 128 GB and can be remotely viewed by devices such as smartphones or tablets. The device supports multi-zone motion detection as well as email or phone push alerts. Audio devices can also be easily attached for audio monitoring. With this camera, there is no reason to ever miss anything again.

Ring doorbellBest High Tech Spy Gear Ring Doorbell

The Ring doorbell is a gadget oriented more towards home security. This one is really perfectly legal to use in almost all scenarios and is a powerful home security system. Ring will allow you to monitor the events at your door and in the perimeter of your house using Motion Detection feature to record any kind of motion in your back yard.


Other than the camera, Ring also comes equipped with an audio recording and transmission system, which will let you answer the door and talk to your visitors whether you are in your bedroom or at work. You will never have to let anyone stand at the door wondering if you are home again and never need to worry about strange people lurking around your house. If you are looking to protect your home, Ring is the gadget you should get.

WiseupTM 8GB 1280×720 HD Hidden Camera Smoke Detector Motion Activated Video Recorder Mini DVR Security CamcorderBest High Tech Spy Gear WiseUpTM Smoke Detector

If you are looking to put surveillance in your house to monitor your kids, your pets, or whatever other purpose, this is the gadget for you. The best part about it is that no one will ever know it’s there.

Disguised as a smoke detector, this camera will provide real time AV recording in 1280×720 resolution at 25 or 30 FPS. The camera comes equipped with an 8 GB Micro SD card, which can be upgraded up to 32 GB, storing about 40 minutes of AVI footage in 1 GB of memory.

aLLreLi USB Voice Recorder – 8GB Rechargeable Dictaphone SPY Audio Recorder with USB DriverBest High Tech Spy Gear aLLreLi USB Voice Recorder

Now this is an extremely handy gadget for pretty much anyone. Whether you are a college student who want to record a lecture or a manager who wants to record a meeting with your employees or clients, this little guy will help you handle the situation.

The device is basically a USB drive with 8 GB memory, which has the recording option. Push a button to start recording. Monitor the indicators on the USB to track the battery life and storage room left and slip it into a USB port to listen to your WAV recording. A simple gadget for various purposes.

Spy Snake CamBest High Tech Spy Gear Spy Snake Cam

The gadgets I described so far were mostly surveillance gadgets for your own home, but this one is something else. The Spy Snake Cam is a proper spy gadget. The flexible cam will allow you to record around corners, over walls and through small openings like cracks in the door or keyholes.

While this may look like a toy and I am sure many will use it as such, I can actually think of quite a few “real world” applications for it. Coming at an extremely affordable price, this gadget will be fun to own, but also very useful in certain scenarios.

Conbrov® Hd88 Hd Mini Pocket Pen Video Camcorder Security Wearable Camera Data RecorderBest High Tech Spy Gear Spy Conbrov HD88 Hd_Mini

Another one for a more serious “agent”. Simply slip this into the top pocket of your jacket, and it will look like you have a pen in there. In fact, what you will have is At Will recording of your surroundings for up to 5 hours.

A simple tiny switch on your mini camcorder will allow you to start and stop filming at any time. The camcorder can use Micro SD cards up to 32 GB and features a built in rechargeable battery . The 5.0 Mega Pixel camera will record videos in AVI format, which can be readily watched with most media players out there.

SpyCrushers Spy Camera SunglassesBest High Tech Spy Gear Spycrusher Sunglasses

Seemingly just cool and modern sunglasses, this gadget will allow you to enter the scene in a proper James Bond manner, press a switch and start recording your surroundings. The device can hold a Micro SD card with up to 8 GB in memory and will capture high quality video in 720p resolution for up to 100 minutes in one go.

This gadget can be used for most innocent of causes such as recording an event you were present at, but also the slightly more devious ones of your choosing. Either way, the quality of video recording will be guaranteed.

Solomark Night Vision Monocular with Blue-infrared IlluminatorBest High Tech Spy Gear Solomark Night Vision

Whether you are looking to hunt in nighttime, explore dark areas or stalk the girl next door, this gadget is what you are looking for. Unlike a normal monocular this tool will allow you not only to watch, but also to record videos and images in daytime or night.

The device comes equipped with a 1 GB Micro SD card and a USB cable, to help you transfer your collected data to a PC or laptop. The device guarantees safe surveillance from a distance, and the night vision feature may allow for some interesting situations if you like snooping around.

US Mint Quarter – Micro SD Card Covert CoinBest High Tech Spy Gear Micro SD Covert Coin

You have gathered all the video and audio footage you wanted, but now you want to take it around with you without being discovered? No problem! This little quarter shaped device is actually a vessel for your data, hiding a small compartment to hold your Micro SD card.

This coin as completely undetectable, and even airport security will likely not think about it twice. As always, we have to suggest absolute discretion and using these gadgets only for legal purposes, but in case you are transferring something truly sensitive, this coin may be the exact place to put it. Even a complete frisk down will still leave you looking 100% clean.

720p Alarm Clock Radio HD Spy Camera Covert Hidden Nanny Camera Spy GadgetBest High Tech Spy Gear Alarm Clock Spy Radio

Seemingly an innocent alarm clock just like any other, this spy camera may be the ultimate tool you are looking for to record the events in your flat or your office. This one comes with a 16 GB Micro SD card, upgradable up to 32 GB, motion detection which stops recording when nothing is happening and Auto Recycle feature for continuous non-stop recording.

The camera provides high quality video with 1280×720 resolution at 30 FPS and will record about 8 hours of video on the original 16 GB Micro SD card. Record your nanny taking care of your kid, or an important meeting at the office, and none will be the wiser.


Whether you want to protect your home from unwanted intruders, check up on your nanny and people down at the office or you want to do some actual undercover spy work, I am sure you found something for yourself in our little guide.

We must warn you that some of these gadgets may be illegal to use in some situations and in some countries, so make sure you learn about the surveillance laws of your country or state, or you may find yourself in trouble for something that seemed innocent enough to you.


10 Best High Tech Spy Gear and Gadgets


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