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Best Smart LED Security Light Cameras

Best Smart LED Security Light Cameras
Written by Louise Vee

It’s important to feel safe in your home and to know that your possessions are safe when you aren’t around. While some people purchase home security systems to keep intruders away, others purchase systems to monitor their children or pets. No matter the reason you need a home security system, there are plenty of cameras on the market. Here are five of the top security cameras on Amazon.

Antaivision Fisheye Lens

Best Smart LED Security Light Cameras Antaivision

The advanced technology of the Antaivision G-201L Fisheye Lens provides a full 360-degree view and reliable technology to alert you if any motion is detected. The home security system features a real-time monitoring and intercom feature. When the system detects any motion, a smartphone app in your phone is alerted, allowing you to view the camera through a live feed.

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The live feed also hosts a two-way audio system allows you to communicate with whoever is in the room you are surveilling. With a 360 degree wireless panoramic HD IP camera, this security system offers an extremely high-quality picture and zero blind spots. The lens is easy to assemble and monitor, ensuring that you have constant access to monitor what is happening in your home. With the ability to monitor your home directly from your smartphone, you will always be at ease knowing your home is safe.

Wireless Wifi Camera by Tooge

Best Smart LED Security Light Cameras Tooge


Considered the best spy nanny camera on the market, the Wireless Wifi Camera by Tooge provides top notch surveillance with a 360 degree view that you can access from your smart phone. The camera automatically switches its setting to reflect the best picture, whether day or night, and it captures video in HD. The surveillance system has a two-way audio feature that allows you to communicate with whoever is in the monitored room. Its motion detection creates a push notification to your smart phone, where you can have up to three users on the app at once, all who are able to talk and communicate with one another as well.

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The SD card stored in the system saves all video recording, but it must be purchased separately. When the SD card becomes full, the camera will automatically begin recording over the oldest recording. Users of this camera love the collaboration on the app. It is frequently used to watch over elderly parents or children when they are being watched by caretakers or nannys. With the Wireless Wifi Camera by Tooge, you won’t have to worry about if your loved ones are safe.

IP Dome Camera Wifi Wireless 360 Degree Full Lighting Panoramic Fisheye Network Camera

est Smart LED Security Light Cameras Wifi

The IP Dome Camera boasts zero blind spots. It has a full panoramic view with a fisheye lens, ensuring that you are able to see every corner of the room you want to monitor. The camera has night vision for up to 16 feet and displays excellent 1080P HD video, whether it is day or night. The camera lets you know when there is even slight movement in the room by sending you a push notification on your smart phone, and it stores the video in a 128 GB SD card. You can then interact with whoever is in the room using a voice intercom two-way audio system. The camera and bulb can also be made lighter or darker from within the app, allowing maximum customization. Users of the IP Dome Camera boast about the usefulness of the app and the quality of the fisheye lens.


SamHity Fisheye Lens

Best Smart LED Security Light Cameras SamHity

The SamHity Fisheye Lens comes with a 360 degree wireless panoramic HD IP camera. It is a quality home security system with real time monitoring and an intercom to interact with whoever is being monitored. The camera has advanced video recording and can store up to 64GB of video, all of which can be monitored directly from your smart phone. The excellent 1080P HD picture boasts no blind spots, largely due to its 1/3″ fisheye lens. The night vision extends up to 10 meters, which is lower than some other cameras, but still a good range. The camera also has a two way intercom with great sound quality. Many users complain the instructions are limited, but once the camera is fully set up, it is relatively straightforward to use. The system captures motion well and pushes alerts to a smartphone through its app.

Alternative Household Locations for Your SpyCam

Fuvision Electrical Outlet Hidden Spy Camera Pir Motion Activated DVR 1080P FHD Covert Nanny Camera

Best Smart LED Security Light Cameras FuVision

Unfortunately this outlet is not a “real” socket that will power your hair dryer or toaster – it should just look real enough to fool the babysitter. A rechargeable 1350 mAh battery gives you 15 days of use before having to hook it up again. The small, hardly noticeable camera gives you full HD capability at 25 frames per second. Insert a 32 Gb memory card and the motion detection, along with loop recording ability will ensure that you won’t miss any action, even if it happened days ago.


Best Smart LED Security Light Cameras

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Tech Geek and Traveler by heart. Loves Wildlife, Nature and Street photography. Cancer survivor.

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