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Kotion Each G2000 vs Sades SA-902: Chinese Gaming Headsets Review

Chinese Gaming Headsets Battle Kotion Each G2000 vs Sades SA-902
Written by Dimitri Kyriakou

With the meteoric rise of the online gaming industry and all the wonderful new niches that have risen along with it, gaming headsets should be considered amongst the upper echelon of coveted gaming paraphernalia. There is an abundance of headsets manufactured with the sole purpose of enhancing the gaming experience.

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Its All Made in China Anyway

As with most manufactured items from China, the last 10 years have seen an astonishing improvement in quality – to the extent that items sold at a fraction of the cost of its western counterparts actually match them in quality today. This is especially true in the headphone arena where KOTION and SADES have managed to create a sound experience that is clear, crisp and pumped with base.



Chinese Gaming Headsets Battle Kotion Each G2000 vs Sades SA-902 Ergonomics

Whether we admit to it or not, as humans we are initially attracted to something by its aesthetics; be it a product or a potential partner. The aesthetics of a product have a heavy hand in swaying a decision of purchasing one item over another of similar value. Comparing the SADES SA-902 and the KOTION EACH G2000 based on initial visual appeal is challenging as they both have striking features and a similar colour scheme, but a closer inspection reveals far more.

The SADES has classic two-tone colour with the lighter colour used to enhance the design of the headset in all the right places, the KOTION has attempted something similar, but for reasons unknown there is a plastic chrome finish on the slide adjusters which breaks the fluidity of its intended composition. Another design faux pas for the KOTION, is that in the attempt to create contrast by placing an oval earpad over a hexagon housing unit; the design appears more unfinished than contemporary.


The SADES SA-902 design has balance and repetition; that gives it a classic yet timeless appeal. It achieves this by allowing its lines to flow into one another, using colour contrasting to highlight instead of overpower and having shape consistency with oval (slightly hexagonal) ear pads fitting unvaryingly onto the oval (slightly hexagonal) housing unit. There are several other insignificant design comparisons between the two sets of cans, but it is easier for the KOTION EACH G2000 to admit the SADES is the more handsome of the duo.


Chinese Gaming Headsets Battle Kotion Each G2000 vs Sades SA-902 Plugs Ergonomics

Getting into the ergonomics it immediately becomes apparent that both headsets are over ear, but the KOTION has a minor shortage of depth because the inner mesh of the earpad can be felt against the ear. To defend the KOTION, the headset retains its comfortability despite the ear making contact with the inner mesh; even after extended use.

The SADES snugly encompasses the entire ear and tends to feel lighter than what it is, but can at times feel a bit tight against the ears. Both sets of cans adorn an almost identical style of adjustable microphone; with the KOTION having a marginally smoother adjustment range, and the SADES SA-902 having a microphone that is half an inch shorter; essentially making the microphone a matter of personal preference.

The padding cushions for the head and ears on each headset are soft and provide an equally comfortable fit; with almost no variance between each pair of cans. Again, both headsets have near indistinguishable anti-tangle chords that are made distinct only by their individual audio control monitors and jacks. The KOTION has a roller audio control monitor and a mute/unmute slider, the SADES is equipped with a light up four-way clicker that houses volume control and microphone mute/unmute.


Chinese Gaming Headsets Battle Sades SA-902 plugs

SADES SA 902 plugs

KOTION EACH G2000 plugs

The jacks differ substantially as the KOTION EACH G2000 has a three-way split jack (Headphones, microphone and USB for lights), and the SADES SA-902 has one universal USB jack that powers all three points. The advantage of USB is that if you play on a PC, the sound remains in digital format until it hits the headphones, meaning no analogue conversion and no loss of sound quality. However due to the absence of a traditional 3.5mm audio jack on SADES SA-902, listening to music on a phone or mp3 player may only be achieved by purchasing a USB to jack converter.


Now it is time to delve into the performance of each headset. From the onset, the SADES SA-902 has an edge over the KOTION EACH G2000, as it has 7.1 surround stereo capabilities and the KOTION is only fitted with stereo. The sound delivered from the SADES SA-902 is clean with fantastic low and mid levels, and a wonderful top end. Expect clarity and no rattle from this headset as it emits detailed speech, movement and sound effects at any volume with prodigious proficiency. The KOTION produces high quality sound throughout the mid and high ranges, but falters slightly when pushing low base levels out at a higher volume; emitting a faint crackle. Do not be mistaken the KOTION has terrific sound for gaming and music, but the SADES headset is a notch above; having been fitted with superior quality speakers.

While both headsets are of high quality and function exceptionally well, they are not exempt from the tiny niggles that tend to surface after prolonged involvement with a product. The KOTION EACH G2000 has a thin artificial leather that covers its head and ear padding; which appears to have the propensity to flake after a period of wear and tear. Its previously mentioned kitsch chrome slide adjusters feel weak and are made of an inferior plastic when compared to the rest of the headset. The SADES is the sturdier of the two headsets, but the four-way clicker audio control monitor has flaw, the volume clickers adjust the computer’s master volume instead of merely adjusting the headset’s volume; a most unnecessary and annoying feature.


Chinese Gaming Headsets Battle Kotion Each G2000 vs Sades SA-902

Unlike in football, there can be no draw and a winner must be declared. After taking all accounts into consideration, the crown is awarded to the SADES SA-902 gaming headset. However, it was not a straightforward victory as the KOTION EACH G2000 put up a tremendous fight. But in the end, it was the absolutely remarkable sound quality delivered by the SADES SA-902 that proved to be its winning factor.

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