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Cool Motorcycle Gadgets and Gizmos

Best MotorCycle Gadgets and GizmosBest MotorCycle Gadgets and Gizmos
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Thrill of the Ride

When it comes to motor vehicles, few can match the feeling of liberty and the adrenaline rush of a motorcycle. The open road in front of you, riding your mechanic stallion into the night, nothing comes even close for many of us.

Enhancing Your Ride

But, whether you are a hardcore biker or a casual rider, no bike ride is complete without the additional gadgets designed to ease your ride and improve the experience. Whether you like listening to music while riding, use your phone while on the bike or simply keep your metallic pet in a good shape, you will need some additional gadgets that are not a part of the deal when you are purchasing the bike.

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Essential Gadgets

This guide presents some of the most popular motorcycle gadgets in the world, which will make your rides more enjoyable and your overall bike experience easier. Some of these can even keep you safer on your travels and will allow you to focus on having fun instead of worrying about getting hurt.

Cool Motorcycle Gadgets and Gizmos

Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / IntercomCool Motorcycle Gadgets and Gizmos Sena SMH-10

Are you and your friends preparing for a bike trip? How would sharing the same music all along the way sound? How about being able to make hands free phone calls with minimal fuss and absolute safety? Want to cancel out the background sound while listening to music on your bike? The Sena SMH10-10 Headset / Intercom will allow for all this and much more.

The gadget features a Helmet Clamp Kit and Boom Microphone. The Jog Dial ability allows you for an intuitive and simple dialing and settings adjustment while riding. The Bluetooth Music Control will allow you to switch between the songs and turn your volume up and down, all in a middle of a ride. To make things sweeter, this gadget will allow you and your travelling companions to share the same music in a 900 meter radius, sufficient for any group.


Equip your entire team with these, and you will be able to change plans while on the road and keep things interesting and fun with 12 hours of talk time when fully charged. The product comes at a very reasonable price and is an absolute thrill to ride in a group with these.

TomTom RIDER Motorcycle GPS Navigator with Lifetime MapsCool Motorcycle Gadgets and Gizmos TomTom RIDER GPS

The TomTom Rider is a practical and much needed tool for bike riders. The device features a guiding system in a small touchscreen device which allows you to travel safe of getting lost and find the best path to your desired location without having to do much research.

The product allows you to upload your desired route and get going at any time. TomTom is capable of working in all weather conditions and it will give you the option of choosing among various paths to any location, giving you the chance to choose the safest and most travelled ones or the more fun, less travelled roads if you are looking for an adventure of a lifetime.

The product comes with a lifetime maps update guarantee, which will make sure you can keep using it years down the line, as roads change. The directions from TomTom can be delivered straight to your helmet through a hands free Bluetooth system.

Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser DetectorCool Motorcycle Gadgets and Gizmos Escort Passport Radar Detector

Before even reading about this product remember, safety is the most important part of a ride. That said, the experienced bikers out there cannot always be bothered constantly switching speeds on open roads and the hidden speed enforcement radars can be real party-poopers.

This is why Escort Passport 9500ix was invented to make sure you never get caught speeding again. This device uses the GPS technology to pinpoint your exact location, cross referencing it against the locations of the speed cameras. If you are getting close to a speed camera, the device will let you know and you will be able to slow down in time.

The device will work all over North America, notifying you of any kind of speed enforcement device you may be facing on the road ahead. If you are a very serious biker and tired of paying fines, make sure you get one of these, just remember, safety comes first.

Innoo Tech Phone Holder for Bike MountCool Motorcycle Gadgets and Gizmos Innoo Tech Phone Holder

Now, if you want to use your iPhone or Android for the GPS coordinates, music or Bluetooth calls while in a ride, this product is what you have been looking for. Mountable on any motorbike’s or scooter’s handlebars, the Inno Tech Phone Holder will keep your phone in one place throughout the ride, giving you optimal access to it.

The device can be installed without the use of any tools and is able to take in practically any device. Once inside the holder, your phone will be super safe, never moving until you want it to and safe of any road caused shocks due to the shock absorption technology of Innoo. The device comes at an extremely affordable price and there is little reason you should not install one on your bike.

Slime 40001 Motorcycle Tire InflatorCool Motorcycle Gadgets and Gizmos Slime 40001 Tire Inflator

Advertised as the world’s most versatile compact air compressor, Slime 400001 is an air inflator reaching up to 300 PSI and adaptable to any 12 volt power source. Coming with a quick-clip, pressure gauge and a carrying case, this air inflator is one of those tools you should always have with you on the road, just in case.

For a complete list of parts, this tire inflator comes with harness wire with fuse, alligator clip cord for all batteries, power cord and a pre-wire cord to attach to the battery. An air hose with quick-clip is also included alongside a valve core removal tool, filler tube and a tire pressure pencil gauge.

BikeMaster Multi Tool with Sockets FH4136Cool Motorcycle Gadgets and Gizmos BikeMaster Multi Tool

Another extremely useful tool to have on the road, this set of drivers, wrenches and sockets will come at a super low price and will be useful to any bike rider. The set comes with 6 hex wrenches between 2 and 6 mm, three open end wrenches, a driver and three sockets between 8 and 10mm.

This set is one of the essentials for any rider and going on a trip without a set like this may not be the best idea, as you never know when your bike may need some fine tuning.

Classic Accessories 73727 MotoGear Motorcycle Tail BagCool Motorcycle Gadgets and Gizmos 73727 MotoGear Tail Bag

A tail bag is a bike rider’s essential storage place. If you are going on a trip outside of town, you will no doubt want to carry some stuff with you and a tail bag is the ultimate place to put them while keeping your bike perfectly balanced.

Made of ProtekX Extreme fabric for maximum endurance and UV resistance, the bag features a protective bottom, a big zippered compartment and a single smaller easy to access compartment. The foam panels on this bag make sure your stuff is safe during the ride and the adjustable grip straps allow it to be placed safely on any motorcycle. This is one of the finest tail bags on the market and if you are looking for a new on-bike container, I would highly recommend getting one of these.

Sports SJCAM SJ4000+plus DVR 2K 30FPS 1.5inch 170 Degree Wide Angle Outdoor Waterproof Sports Action Helmet Camera Cool Motorcycle Gadgets and Gizmos SJCAM_SJ4000_Plus_resize

This little piece of equipment is not designed for bike rides only, but it can sure be applied for this use quite well. This sports action helmet camera may be the ideal piece of gear if you are going riding in an area with beautiful nature.

Supporting Micro SD cards up to 32 gb and allowing for filming up to 2K at 30 frames per second or 1080p at 60 fps, this camera will make sure your video is sharp and actually watchable once you save it. The high definition camera comes in various colors and can save files in multiple formats for your convenience. It also supports loop recording, so you can use this as a true dash/helmet cam.

How To Know The Products Are Worth It?

While it can be hard to believe a guide on the internet when it tells you to buy something, we really did our best to include only top quality products. The products listed here are worth a purchase not according to us, but according to the people who have bought them.

Clicking any of the links above will allow you to take a look at the user testimonials from verified buyers. It doesn’t get more legit than the work of actual customers and in this case actual bikers.


The above list presents some of the coolest motorcycle gadgets and gizmos you may want to own. Owning these gadgets will make your biker life easier, safer and a lot more fun while costing only a fraction of what the competition is offering on similar products.

Safe Trip!

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