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Game of Thrones fans stand up and cheer for some of the weirdest and wildest and special “gotta have it” stuff to date. Whether you are rooting for self appointed and Drama Queen, Cersie or the some like it hot, and we mean fire breathing Dragon hot, Queen Khaleesi or even the handsome and loyal to his people, Jon Snow, this gotta have it memorabilia will make the hugest Thronie fan squeal for their own Iron Throne.

Game Of Thrones Customized Gift

Coolest Game of Thrones Merchandise On The Net Letter

When a raven comes calling, any Game of Thrones Fan listens and loves. This specially customized gift is the perfect idea for the Thronie in your life, especially if he or she has everything. A handwritten scroll on aged paper with burnt edges with any message you provide, then sealed in wax with your choice of sigil then packaged in a gift box wrapped in ribbon adorned with a single raven feather. And there’s more…you pick the keepsake, a golden dragon egg, dragon glass stones or a dragon necklace.

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Game Of Thrones Map

Coolest Game of Thrones Merchandise On The Net Map


Not everyone is Queen Cersi who can demand to have a map of the seven kingdoms drawn on the floor of their castle, but thanks to some very talented artists, you can have your very own map to hang in your home. A variety of sizes are available so strategize well and one day, you too may rule as far as the eye can see.

Dark Horse Dragon Egg Bookends

Coolest Game of Thrones Merchandise On The Net Dragon Eggs

The marriage of Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo didn’t get off to the most romantic start but the three petrified dragon eggs that were given to Daenerys on their wedding day would change her life forever. She may have not been able to have her own children, but who needs a human baby when you can have dragons that call you mom? In honor of this Game of Thrones moment, Dark Horse has replicated of the three eggs into 7″ tall book ends…now that’s one hot gift.

Weddings Always Choke Me Up Greeting Card

Coolest Game of Thrones Merchandise On The Net

What a way to go!  Capture the haunting moment in Game of Thrones time when tyrant King Joffrey Baratheon, drank poison laced wine and bled to death right in front of his bride to be and not so adoring subjects. This humorous card celebrates this one momentous event that put an end to the young boy’s power trip and sent Tyrion Lanister into exile.

Game of Thrones Daenerys Fleece Throw

Coolest Game of Thrones Merchandise On The Net Mother of Dragons

The true queen of the Seven Kingdoms is on fire pictured alongside the Game of Thrones logo on this fabulous fleece throw. Not only is she hot, she’ll also warm you all over. Get that “brotherly feeling on” as the Mother of Dragons is spread all over you.

Game of Thrones Monopoly

Coolest Game of Thrones Merchandise On The Net Monopoly

Pay tribute to your favorite HBO show while playing a game beloved for generations. The Game of Thrones Monopoly Collector’s Edition celebrates King’s Landing, Winterfell, Castle Black with playing tokens like a dragon egg, a White Walker, the Iron Throne and other show favs. The ultimate goal is to sit on top of the Iron Throne. Complete game directions are on a scroll…love it!

Game Of Thrones 2015 Red Blend, Paso Robles

Coolest Game of Thrones Merchandise On The Net Wine

Grab your moon love and get your drink on during your fav Games episode. In honor of the characters love of dark red vino as their choice of beverage, get tipsy with a blend created with The Seven Kingdoms in mind. The gorgeous bottle is like a piece of gorgeous artwork capturing the era perfectly. And it’s just as tasty, too with its rich notes that will certainly warm your insides on a long winter night. Cheers!

Sansa Stark’s Poison Necklace

Coolest Game of Thrones Merchandise On The Net

Sansa was a sight to see that frightful day when monster King Joffrey was to marry another. Her poison laced necklace would finally put an end to his short reign, a day of celebration for many. Now you can wear or give a replica of the infamous statement necklace and make a statement of your very own…just as beautiful but without the poison.

Hand Of the Queen Bottle Opener

Coolest Game of Thrones Merchandise On The Net Bottle Opener

With this, you will “drink and know things.” This specially crafted bottle opener pays tribute to the Hand of the Queen, a special title indeed in the Game of Thrones world. The “Hand” is second in command and just as important as the advice they offer. This bottle opener is styled just like the Hand of the Queen pin that Tyrion Lannister wore on the famous series.

Targarian Cufflinks

Coolest Game of Thrones Merchandise On The Net Cufflinks

How daunting that cuff links were made to honor the Targaryens. This set features the three headed dragon of house Targaryen and will certainly become a conversation piece at special events, for those who are fellow Game Of Thrones fans, that is.

Unsullied Leather Armor

Coolest Game of Thrones Merchandise On The Net Unsullied

Like to play dress up…in leather…like a Unsullied? Now is your chance. This spectacular armor replica is inspired by the Unsullied, the warriors who were known for there extreme fighting skills, loyalty and strength. Be one with the Throne’s Unsulllied…for awhile anyway.

Egg-cellent Cannister

Coolest Game of Thrones Merchandise On The Net Dragon

Now this is just what the Throne fan ordered. Keep this hand painted ceramic dragon egg shaped canister (rhymes with Lannister) filled with dragon treats and all of your friends and Thronies will cheer. Just don’t tell Khaleesi…she may get burned up!

Jon Sno’s Backpack

Coolest Game of Thrones Merchandise On The Net BackPack

Inspired by Jon Sno’s infamous cloak, this canvas and faux leather backpack will keep you safe from the likes of the White Walkers. It even features the oath that the Night Watch men had to take, “for this night and all the nights to come.” This look isn’t for everyone, but when you sport this backpack, it makes a Game of Thrones statement fit for a king.



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