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Does overnight phone charging affect battery life?

Does overnight phone charging affect battery life
Written by Darren Wall

With over a billion smartphones on the planet, it can be all too easy to take them for granted. The cameras and storage get bigger and better every year, but do you know what 78% of people aren’t satisfied with? That’s right you guessed it: the battery life! I’m just like you in that I want my phone to last into the next day no matter what I do with it, but it’s just not happening. Two-thirds of us admit to running out of battery before we get home at least once a week. The question is: Does phone charging really matter and can it affect your phone’s performance?

Is it good to charge my phone to 100%?

Charging your phone is something you just have to do because they don’t come with infinite battery life. (Well, not just yet anyway!) Many of us resort to, night charging as our phone charging method of choice. It seems like a great idea as your phone is always ready and raring to go with 100% battery the moment the alarm sounds. But can it end up doing more harm than good?

The experts on this have reached a pretty resounding consensus which is good news for geeks like me, and normal people like you! There’s nothing inherently dangerous or counterproductive in charging your phone to 100%. It’s what will give you the longest charge as a one-off, but there are other potential factors at play…

What percentage should I charge my phone to, when optimizing my phone charging?

What is the best percentage to charge your Android phones battery to?
Once again we can turn to the experts here rather than guessing. While there’s no risk in going to 100%, what they say is that you’re best off with shot bursts of charging throughout the day and keeping things topped up between 50%-80% at all times. That will ensure that you escape the risk of charging cycles.

This is when your battery swings between flat and fully charged on a daily basis. The problem with this is that any given battery can only endure this a certain amount of times. After a while hysteresis will build up in the charging cycle which will reduce the total amount of charge the battery can hold.

What Input Amp is Good?

The amps depend very much on your phone, but because of the efficiency of the device, you’re never looking at high current sources. As always the safest thing is to stick to official chargers and batteries issued by your manufacturer. That will ensure that your phone’s battery is given what it was designed to accept and nothing more.


While it may sound tempting to power ahead with a higher amp charger, this will almost certainly be detrimental to your battery. To ensure that you have everything you need to keep your battery in the best possible condition, you’ll want to follow the manufacturers lead (no pun intended).

Is Higher Better For All Batteries?

The secret is to follow the practice of short bursts of charging throughout the day. This will allow you to keep your percentage between 50-80 at all times. Not only will your battery avoid heavy cycling, but it also won’t get too hot during charging. Excessive heat has been shown to reduce battery lifetime and performance significantly. The Ohmic heating that occurs can actually alter the chemical makeup of the battery, making it far less efficient at storing charge.

Can I Rehabilitate a Sick Battery?

Is it possible to rehabilitate a battery to enable phone charging again?
There are various techniques you’ll read about on the internet about how to restore a deteriorating battery to health. While you may see some small benefits or upturns in performance, they won’t be able to make your battery as good as new. The sad fact of the matter is that you should have followed the words of the experts above folks!

Don’t worry though because all is not lost. You could either limit any future damage by changing the way you charge today. Or you could source a replacement battery. As ever, I strongly suggest you only do this by sourcing an approved battery from the manufacturer. This will give you the best value for money because at least you know you’re paying for something you can rely on.

The Pros

Charging overnight is good in the sense that you always wake up with a phone that’s ready to go. It also ensures that won’t have to top it up throughout the day provided you manage your usage correctly.

The Cons

Charging overnight is likely to reduce the performance of your battery as it will heat up and will go through cycles of running out and then being fully charged. This will shorten the lifetime of your battery and reduce the total amount of charge that it can hold.

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