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Eduscrum – The New Way Kids Learn Using Scrum and Agile

Eduscrum The New Way Kids Learn Using Scrum and Agile
Written by Louise Vee

If your job has anything to do with the software industry, you’ve probably heard of scrum and agile. It’s the new way of having small teams deliver small iterations of releases, making adjustments as more of the requirements become known, until a whole product has been delivered.

This incremental and iterative development approach has now also found its way into the education system.

Scrum uses concepts such as Roles, Artifacts and Time Boxes to reduce learning time and to aid the learning process.

But how are these incorporated into the curriculum?

Learning How To Use Scrum and Agile

Based on the principles of transparency, inspection, adaption, collaboration, reflection, visibility and iteration, Eduscrum is a learner centric program. It includes collaborative learning and collective intelligence and helps to enhance learning strategies. It also optimizes the time spent on learning by speeding it up, leading to higher motivation to learn. This active learning process encourages children to foster independence and responsibility.

Eduscrum uses the scrum framework in teaching. It aids kids’ collective intelligence and encourages them to learn faster and better. Students are divided into study groups of 3 to 9 individuals and paired with a Scrum master who helps to guide learning.


This innovative way of learning is guided by the 4C’s:

  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking

The Benefits of Eduscrum in Education

Agile and Scrum are used in more complex learning environments such as those presented by corporate training, Human Resources and other avenues. Eduscrum is a derivative of Scrum, helping students develop the necessary skills and cognitive strengths to achieve success later on.

The Value of Team Work

Eduscrum takes place in groups of 3 or more. With combined intelligence and skills, children work under the guidance of a Scrum master and/or teacher to tackle projects. Working together allows them to combine their strengths to achieve a positive end result, while emphasizing the value of team work.

A Mind that’s Constantly Improving

Eduscrum stimulates the mind to gear itself towards constant improvement. By taking responsibility for tasks and work content, kids apply themselves in developing their own Flap sheet (planning sheet) and dividing workload under To-Do, In Progress or Done.

Eduscrum The New Way Kids Learn Using Scrum and Agile Scrum Board

Efficient Learning

The aim of Eduscrum is to reduce the time spent on learning by using goal-setting strategies to facilitate learning. The short-term process of internalizing and learning the information depends on setting goals which are ambitious yet easily attainable, and with a group-learning environment, learning skills ultimately improve.

Independent Learning

Although students work in groups, the idea of Eduscrum learning is to teach kids to take personal responsibility for their performance, planning and results. The plans are all designed by the students, as are the goals and the processes of attaining those goals.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is one of the most demanded skills in the job market. Eduscrum enhances the students’ ability to critically think in challenging and novel situations to make the best evaluations and come up with the most optimum solutions.

Great for Students with ADHD or Autism

Children diagnosed with ADHD or Autism have a hard time retaining information they learn through conventional learning methods. Eduscrum breaks down the material and allows children to plan their work according to their pace and caliber. This clear structure or roles, ceremonies and flaps have shown to really benefit such students.

Group Management

The Eduscrum Master role allows students to learn about and experience leadership. One of the students in the group is appointed as a Master and is responsible for helping their team perform well. The Eduscrum master is also responsible for maintaining the principle of transparency, ensuring cross-team collaboration and also ensuring correct execution of the program by their team members.

The benefits of Eduscrum can be seen through student testimonials. Kids are saying that Eduscrum learning has helped to increase motivation to learn and build self-confidence and has bettered their ability to prioritize effectively.

A Tool for Teachers

Teachers and educational professionals are also showing an interest in Eduscrum. It’s easy for teachers to train in and their role becomes more of a facilitator and supervisor of learning than the conventional role of teacher.

Teachers in the Netherlands are reveling in how well students are learning with the freedom and autonomy that Eduscrum is giving to them. The best part about Eduscrum is that Teachers, professors and educational professionals can be trained to implement it at any level of education— from primary schools and high schools to universities and colleges.

Their roles are redefined as the Product Owner, where they determine what needs to be learned, and also monitor and improve the quality of the educational results. Teachers also evaluate and judge the outcome of the students’ independent efforts. The Product Owner is also responsible for providing motivation and encouragement to the student teams and providing demonstrations and feedback where necessary.

Revolutionizing Learning

Eduscrum is revolutionizing the conventional school system and curriculum by its innovative strategies. It revamps the complete classroom culture and redefines relationships of students with teachers.

The benefits of Eduscrum are plenty. By encouraging students to become their own teachers, the Eduscrum learning system imparts important skills of socially functional individuals, ensuring success in all prospective fields.

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Louise Vee

Tech Geek and Traveler by heart. Loves Wildlife, Nature and Street photography. Cancer survivor.

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