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Free GPS Apps for Outdoors Adventure

Free GPS App for Outdoors Adventure
Written by Janet

Knowing where you are and where you are going is extremely important when you are out away from civilization. As with any golden rules regarding communing with nature, preparedness is the bottom line.

In order to be both prepared and confident about where you are (and how to get back), you might consider a free GPS app for outdoors adventure plans that you have.

The following 5 apps will help you to keep track of where you’ve traveled and the appropriate means of retracing your steps, even if nothing looks familiar.


While this might be an application for the star gazer (which makes it quite a handy application to have when night falls on your camping trip), this isn’t its only purpose.

You can use the data that you are shown based on your location to navigate you in the right direction to find your way back out of the woods in the event of an emergency or simply to just go home.

You simply have to use the location software already on your phone to set your position in relation to stars you can visibly see. Based on the location of the North Star to you, you can move in the appropriate direction.



2. Mountain Project

Mountain Project

A helpful resource for the rock climbing enthusiast is Mountain Project. This app has over 155 thousand climbing routes all laid out in GPS format for easy navigation and selection.

They are broken down based on difficulty, ranking and other criteria. The best part is, with the turn by turn directions available for every single route (even offline), you never have to worry about getting to where you want to be or getting back out of the area when you have conquered the mountain.

3. All Trails

This is yet another application that will work without having to be connected to the internet or mobile data, which is pretty significant if you are an avid hiker that wants to get deep into the wilderness.

Access more than 50 thousand trail maps at your fingertips to help you find new and exciting places to hike wherever you might be. With the detailed directions to get to each trail that they offer from where you are, you won’t have any trouble getting to your trail, navigating it completely with the help of the app, and then getting back to civilization.

4. MotionX-GPS

This is a tool that is specifically designed to allow you to set a path as you are taking it and then have an accurate means of retracing your same path to return back to where you started from.


This is a must have for campers and hikers that are burning their own trails off of well beaten and adequately trafficked areas.

Not only can this application find you wherever you are in the world and help you to get back where you need to be, there are also many different bonus features such as local gradient data, altitude graphs and the ability to see your current path on the app in real time.



Runners and cyclists are usually in need of some form of GPS software. Whether you have a set path in mind or not, knowing where you are and where your current path comes to can really make a huge difference when you are out on the road.

In addition to showing you how to get where you planned to go.You can keep track of the current trail you are making, and be able to save (or retrace) that path if you should need to.


While nothing might suit you quite as well as a traditional camping guide or hiking/camping maps, these GPS applications can really be a lifesaver.

Whether you are an experienced outdoor enthusiast or not, sometimes things can go wrong and you can find yourself turned around from where you thought you were. Emergencies aside, it is nice to know that there is a free GPS for outdoors adventure for any activity you want to pursue.


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I’m Janet, travel writer by profession and lover of world cultures, food, oceans, languages, souls, wild spaces and urban places by nature.

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I’m Janet, travel writer by profession and lover of world cultures, food, oceans, languages, souls, wild spaces and urban places by nature.

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