How Smart Homes are Taking Over The World (Infographic)

Written by Stefan Ateljevic

The home of the future is a living, breathing, electronic being. It breathes gas and it bleeds water. It will even have its own brain. Able to learn and anticipate your needs. Give it wheels and you might be able to do a trans continent trip on your sofa. But wait, that sounds like an RV.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) developments are proceeding at a steady pace. It is being used in music curation, sales forecasts and even self-driving cars. You can expect a great AI presence in the smart home industry.

Good morning, this is your wake up call

AI can help you establish your routines, your needs and requirements. The day is coming when you’ll wake up with a fresh pot of coffee already brewed. And, it won’t be queued by a preset timer or your own barista!

On your way to the kitchen, the traffic report follows you as you pass every smart speaker with the latest news in your industry as an added bonus.

Welcome Home

Imagine coming home after a long busy day. It’s hot, you just spent an hour stuck in traffic and you still need to cook. Your smart home coupled with some AI features has your back. You are about 30 minutes away from home. The AI system automatically cues the climate control system to create your favourite temperature.

You still need to cook tonight. About 5 minutes out, your oven is preheated to the recipe’s requirement (the recipe you scheduled more than two days ago). And as you walk into your house a fresh waft of air is released from a scent dispenser while the soothing voice of your favourite artist welcomes you home.


At Your Service

The smart home is designed to make life easier. Initially, you might have to pay for it. But consider the time, effort and money it will save you in the long run. Have a look down below at the impact this will have on the home of the future.

How Smart Homes Are Taking Over the World

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