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How to Get Started With CryptoKitties

How to Get Started With CryptoKitties
Written by Izak Van Heerden

Many years ago the Sunday Times stated that there are two types of people: Those who have read Lord of the Rings and those who are still going to. It seems we can make a similar statement about cryptocurrency adoption.

One application that is bridging the divide is a game about collecting cats. Launched on 28 November 2017, CryptoKitties is taking the world by storm. So much so that the ethereum platform the game runs on is pulling strain.

The ethereum network is a blockchain-based network in a similar vein to the bitcoin network, but with some smart contracting features built-in.

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At first glance one might think the game is just one more cat collection game with an in-store element included. In my opinion this game is much more than that – eventually it might get a footnote in history next to the almighty bitcoin. Bitcoin showed that blockchain can be monetized. This application shows that fun can be derived from the blockchain. Many game developers’ eyes have opened up and rip-offs will follow. Soon.


Look past the cats and the cute website interface and you’ll notice that this is game can generate some serious money for its players – a single cryptokittie recently sold for $117,000. However getting started is not cheap. Buying a semi-decent cat starts off at about $30.

How to Get Started With CryptoKitties

Open an Account with a Crypto Exchange

You will need an exchange to turn your fiat currency into ethereum. Some recommended exchanges are Coinbase or  Coinmama for US citizens or Luno if you are in Europe or Asia. Have a look at their costs as repeat transactions can eat into your funds. We won’t describe the step-by-step procedure to open an account here – there should be many useful Google links describing the process on your preferred exchange.

Download Chrome Extension MetaMask

How to Get Started With CryptoKitties MetaMask

MetaMask opens a wallet for you on the ethereum network. It can in fact do so much more. Want to create your own virtual currency? You can do it with a couple of clicks in MetaMask.  But I digress.

Start by creating a password:

How to Get Started With CryptoKitties MetaMask

On the following screen the plug-in will show you 12 random words. These words are very important. This is to recover your account later should something go wrong. Write them down in sequence on a piece of paper and place it in your safe. Hundreds if not thousands of dollars are at risk if you lose your wallet.

Click on the 3 dots (blocked in red below).

How to Get Started With CryptoKitties MetaMask

Click on “Copy Address to clipboard”. A long alphanumeric string will be copied to memory. This is your address on the ethereum network. Please write this on a paper as well and put in your safe and don’t lose it. The payment you make from your cryptocurrency exchange will go to this address.

How to Get Started With CryptoKitties MetaMask

Create an Account with CryptoKitties

Head over to

How to Get Started With CryptoKitties Website

Click on “Start meow”.

Your wallet address (same as the one you configured in MetaMask) is displayed again. This is where you will make a payment to in ethereum.

Also fill in you email and nickname.

How to Get Started With CryptoKitties Website 1


Send Ethereum Over to Your New Wallet

Click on “Send”

How to Get Started With CryptoKitties Luno 1


Enter the address you copied to the clipboard in the MetaMask plug-in:

How to Get Started With CryptoKitties Luno 2

Click “Next” and send the funds.

After about a half an hour the funds will reflect on your CryptoKitties page.

Head over the marketplace to start purchasing kitties.

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How to Get Started With CryptoKitties

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