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How To Know If Someone is Spying on Your Phone

How To Know If Someone is Spying on Your Phone
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Modern smartphones, even though fascinating, are vulnerable devices. These mini computers have all the power in them to operate our digital lives. Therefore, it should not come as a shock to discover if someone is tracking us with a cell phone spying app. Most of these hackers’ targets aren’t even aware that this kind of software exists, and to the untrained eye, it might look like its business as usual. But there are signs you can look out for to pick up on this kind of phone spying.


How Can Someone Spy on YOU?

There are different ways people can monitor you. Hackers and other digital attackers out there that can be hired to get your personal information. Even the government and your employers can be monitoring you for certain purposes.

But there is a larger, legitimate, and flourishing software sector that specializes in spying on others through sophisticated cell phone spying apps. Some of them are indeed powerful such as Xnspy. But still, they are not yet that elusive that we can’t identify the signs that we are being tracked.

How To Know If Someone is Spying on Your Phone Secure Phone


Symptoms of Being Spied on

If you feel that your cell is being tracked, then there are several significant indicators that can reveal this. Though these signs may seem subtle to a common person they can be glaring when you closely observe them.

Strange Sounds in the Background

 If you are being spied, then you will notice unusual sounds in the background. You may hear static tone, clicking sounds, or distant voices coming out of your phone during a call. These noises or sounds are typically not usual for today’s communication technology as the digital networks offer crystal clear sounds. It used to be in the past and those noises were associated with analog style networks. Hearing fragmentary voices in the background doesn’t mean you are being whimsical, it points to the possibility that your call is being tapped.


How To Know If Someone is Spying on Your Phone CCTV Phone

Battery Drains Faster

The second indication of a bugged smartphone is that its battery drains faster. If a smartphone is being tracked, then it must be recording your movements and uploading them to a third party account online. Consequently, your battery loses its life faster due to increase in its background operations. For example, Xnspy cell phone spying app constantly records your conversations even if you are not using the phone. Of course, this will also result in reduced battery performance. But this can also be checked. One way to investigate this is that you can remove your battery and try checking it in another phone of the same model. You can then compare the battery life of the two. If the other phone lasts longer with the same battery then chances are that your phone is being spied on, or there may be a problem with the phone.

Phone Appears Active when Idle  

Have you ever noticed your phone making unusual noises? Or the screen lights up when the phone is not in use? When a phone is not in use it is as silent as a stone. Barring call and message alerts, your phone shows no activity. So if your phone reboots without any reason or shows suspicious activity, then there is a probability that your device is being remotely monitored.

Phone Takes Longer to Shut Down 

Smartphones usually shut down when all of its tasks are closed that are in process. If your smartphone is transferring data to a third party, then it will take longer to complete the task before it turns off. As a consequence, if your phone is taking longer than normal time to shut down more specifically after you browse the internet or close a call then chances are that a cell phone spying app could be channelizing the data to a hacker.

Phone Feels Warm 

If you phone starts getting warm, then this is another indication that your phone is being spied on. If you feel your phone is warm even if you are not using it then it could still be sending data in the background secretly. However, this could just be a mere possibility.

Receiving Strange Codes 

Most of the cell phone spying apps send strange text messages to the target devices. These messages may contain random numbers, character, or different symbols. Most of the apps have secret operational procedures and some of them have remote monitoring feature that operates by sending text messages with secret codes to your smartphone. In some rare cases, sometimes these codes are visible if there is some problem with the software. If something like this is happening to your phone more often then there are strong chances of a spy app on your phone.

Surging Data Use 

Some spying apps are inefficient and use bulk of user data to transmit the information recorded from the target phone, so watch out for any unusual increase in your monthly internet data usage. Top cell phone spy apps use less data and these apps are difficult to identify but the cheaper software use significant data and can be spotted with little attention.

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