How to Manage and Retrieve Windows 10 Clipboard History

How to Manage and Retrieve Windows 10 Clipboard History
Written by Darren Wall

Why Is It Useful to Manage My Clipboard History?

Imagine you have some data in your clipboard you cannot lose. Up pops an email that requires your attention. You copy the recipients email, and when you get back to your other task the copied data is gone!

How to Manage and Retrieve Windows 10 Clipboard History Slaps Forehead

It’s Gone!!!

A clipboard manager could provide you with a history of copied content that you could browse through to get your lost content back.

How Can I View My Windows 10 Clipboard History?

If you’re new to Windows 10, it’s possible you may not have come across its clipboard limitations. However, you should know that as with previous iterations of the OS (after XP) there is no clipboard to speak of. Yes, you can still copy-and-paste. But, when it comes to being able to manage what you have copy-and-pasted in a current session, you can’t!

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Microsoft in its infinite wisdom decided to keep this useful feature from you once again. Meaning that, right now, your only option should you want to re-use items you have copied, is, use third-party apps. However, before I show you a few of what I think are the best, there remains a small amount of hope Microsoft provide a clipboard access/management feature in the near future.


Microsoft’s Cloud Clipboard

Microsoft may soon add cloud clipboard to Windows 10

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I first saw mention of this cloud clipboard back in October of 2017. With a supposed release coming with the Fall Creators update. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, that, did not happen, and now, according to, you may have to wait until later this year to get it.

If and when it does arrive, it would mean Windows 10 users would be able to manage their clipboards and send copied data to other devices. As and when that is possible, I will let you know, and possibly provide a tutorial. Unfortunately, right now, the only way to manage and retrieve Windows 10 clipboard history is using a third-party app.

Here are a few free options, that, I think, are worthy of your attention. That is if you want a way to store more than one item at a time and access them later.


Ditto is a WEindows 10 clipbiard history manager
Fast, reliable and a real time saver for Windows 10 users, right now with the absence of cloud clipboard, Ditto is it. By, that I mean the seemingly go-to option for many.

It is downloadable via the Microsoft Store and according to its developer is an extension to the Windows clipboard. Personally, I see it as a bolt-on, one that provides increased access and functionality. It allows you to save text, images, code, and more, in almost unlimited numbers.

Additionally, sharing clips across multiple devices is possible, as is the ability to customize how you access it. With just a few key taps, you can set your own shortcuts, or stick with the default option.

Clipboard Fusion

Clipboard Fusion enables you to manage the Windows 10 Clipboard History
Now, if you are not familiar with Windows 10 clipboard history apps, you won’t know that many have issues with formatting. Well, that is when you paste from one piece of software to another.

Fusion, on the other hand, does not, because it features UTF-8 support for language files. Plus, comes with full Unicode compatibility, meaning that you can paste between software with ease.

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Furthermore, along with the typically supported formats, i.e., code, images, and text, comes extra security. Protected by 256-bit encryption, you can have peace of mind that your information is safe from prying eyes. Unfortunately, if you want to gain access to all of its features, there is a paywall to circumvent, doing so, will grant you access to its syncing features, and some hotkey support.

Clipboard Manager

clipboard manager is a Windows 10 Clipboard History app
Pretty much your standard copy and paste management app. Manager looks great and keeps copies of your images, text, and other storable files. Just as with the previous two, it can be used to copy between programmes, plus it allows the editing of images, although the options to do that are basic at best.

Now, in your journey to find the best way to manage Windows 10’s clipboard, you may have used apps that contain adverts. Although free, fortunately, Clipboard Manager is not one of them, no, it’s entirely ad-free. Ultimately, however, if you want a more fully featured app, one with extra features, you may want to look elsewhere.


Clipdiary app for Windows 10 Clipboard History management
Not available via the Microsoft Store Clipdiary has been around for quite some time. It offers a robust set of features which, some may feel are basic. But, as I am focussing on free apps, ones that give you at least the functionality Microsoft has denied you, I won’t complain.

With it, you can view a list of everything you have copied during the current computer session. And that means you can favorite those of importance, remove those no longer required, edit specific entries. Of course, as with the others on this list, you can also share across software too.

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