How To Setup Your Amazon Echo Dot: Step By Step Procedure

How To Setup Your Amazon Echo Dot
Written by Ammar

So you have just bought your own Amazon Echo Dot.

In this article, we’ll explain how to set it up, and connect a Bluetooth speaker to it.

Step 1: Insert Power Cable into Echo

This is probably the easiest step in the entire setup process because Echo does not require any battery to run. Just connect the included power supply directly into Echo dot and connect it to a wall power.

When the light ring turns blue, it indicates that the power is connected. Then, wait for it to turn orange, because this is the sign Alexa is ready to greet you.


When you’re done, you’ll hear Alexa tell you that the device is ready to be set up.

Step 2: Download the Alexa App

If you are the owner of Amazon Echo, the free Alexa app is a requirement.

You need it to set up your Echo device.

Download on any smartphone or tablet with iOS 9.0 or higher, Android 5.0 or higher or Fire OS 3.0 or higher. Just open the app store that came with your device and search for “Alexa app.” Download the app on your computer? Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi and then visit the Amazon Alexa website to download.

Amazon is not supported in some countries mostly in Asia so I would suggest you to download the APK file and allow the unknown source from your android app.

Click on Download and get the APK file for Android Users.

Sign Up With Amazon Echo or Choose to Login If You Have Already Account on It.

Choose your device, language and move forward for next step.

Step 3: Connect Echo to Wi-Fi via the App

Next, you need to connect your Echo device to your home Wi-Fi network.

Open the Alexa app and search for available networks until you find your network. Once connected, you can choose to save your Wi-Fi password to Amazon so you can easily connect to your smart home device or set up a new Alexa device on the same network – if you decide to buy more echoes in other rooms.

You can even also Select to connect echo to the local or public network, but the password will not be saved on Amazon server.

Step 4: Start Talking to Alexa

To get started, please say “wake up words”, which by default is Alexa.

What if there is already a human Alexa in the family? Do you want to change the wake-up word to something else? Just speak to your device, “Alexa, change the wake-up word.”, or you can even also manually change the wake-up words by opening the Alexa app, clicking Help and Feedback, and selecting Change wake-up words.

Currently, you can change Echo to respond to “Echo“, “Amazon” and “Computer“. There is no news about when Amazon will allow you to customize Alexa, so you can call her “Mr.” T, “”Honey Bunny” or “Jelly McJerkface. ”

Step 5: Start using Echo

Cheers, your Amazon Echo is fully configured and it is ready to use for our daily life. To make sure everything is OK, you can do a simple test by trying some basic commands. For example, say the wake-up word and “Hello”. If your Echo settings are correct, Alexa should respond with a simple “Hello”.

But Echo can do more than just greet you. Let’s start using by performing different things such as create to-do lists, find weather, check traffic conditions, call friends, send text messages to your family, stream podcasts or connect to smart home devices.

 Optional Step 6: Connect a Smart Home Device or an External Speaker

Is there a smart lock or plug that you want to control via Alexa? In the app, click on the home page, then click on Smart Home, and finally add the device. The app will search to find your device and then automatically add them to Alexa.

Amazon Echo can play music, but the sound quality is not as good as the specified music player. To ensure a great listening experience while listening to music or listening to audio books, you can choose to connect external speakers to your Echo device. A great idea is to buy a Bluetooth speaker.

Any no-name Bluetooth speaker will work fine but I will suggest you to buy the BT speaker  that is certified to be compatible with Echo devices.

Optional Step 7 (How to reset your Amazon Echo Dot)

You want to sell your Echo Dot, or just reset it to increase efficiency. This is how you do it:

  • First, press and hold the Mute and Volume Down buttons simultaneously until the indicator turns orange (about 20 seconds).
  • Then the light ring turns blue.
  • Wait until the light ring goes out and then turn it on again. The light ring turns orange again and your device enters configuration mode.

Step 8 Optional (How to Configure Echo Dot Through the Site)

  • Configure a similar app through the website:
  • Go to and log in to your account.
  • Click Settings, then click Set up new device
  • Select your device from the list and select a language
  • Connect to Wi-Fi and connect Echo to the power supply
  • So whenever your device speaks that it’s ready to install, then just link your device directly to the Wi-Fi network it.
  • Find your network in the drop down list and select it
  • You can now use your Echo Dot
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  • Question: I have my Echo Dot set up. The green light around the Echo fades in and out, never shuts off. Is it suppose to do this? My sister has an Alexa and she says when it’s not in use, she doesn’t have any lights on it.

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