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How To Stop Artificial Phone Light From Wrecking Your Sleep

How To Stop Artificial Phone Light From Wrecking Your Sleep
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I’ll be honest with you, most of what I’m about to tell you here won’t sound fun at all. It will even sound like the doctor telling you to do a lot of cardio because it’s supposedly good for your heart. Of course here, the doctor is right, and he means well. But in most cases, you’ll only end up ignoring his or her advice.

I recently sat down with Max, one of the leading sleep advisors from trymattress and he had some handy advice on the subject. He started by saying that, “We advise our customers to avoid using their gadgets at night, by catching up on the latest shows on Netflix or playing ‘Angry Birds.” He went on to add that, “Although it’s hard ignoring those late night texts from your girlfriend, you can still avoid them using some simple solutions.”

Let’s look at some of them.

How To Stop Artificial Phone Light From Wrecking Your Sleep

Learn How to Turn Off Your Phone Screen

How To Stop Artificial Phone Light From Wrecking Your Sleep

I’ve discovered that exposing yourself to artificial phone light is just like taking a cup of coffee before bed. In both scenarios, you’ll get a restless an uncomfortable night. If you’re having trouble switching off your screens, I would recommend installing your charging station either in your home office, library or kitchen. Just keep it far away from your bedroom nightstand!

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For students who love studying through eBooks at bedtime, this is not a wise decision. Why? Well, research shows that we retain very little information at night. I’m always puzzled by the fact that majority of students love carrying their tablets and smartphones to bed to study. While this may appear somehow cool, you’re just wrecking your sleep!

Try To Avoid Those Late Night Texts!

Your phone beeps in the middle of the night, and it’s Claire, one of your ‘classmates’. We’ve all encountered such situations, and I know that you’re only left with two choices. Do you reply now or later? Well, we all know never to keep a lady waiting, and you don’t want to risk her being swooped by another man. So, often, you’ll end up chatting till late in the night. While I love a good ‘young love’ story, I value the importance of sleep more!

Instead of damaging your sleep as you stare into your Smartphone or tablet chatting, I’ve found a simple solution. How about calling her or any other ‘special friend’ before you go to bed? There’s a lot that you can talk about in a simple phone call of 5 minutes as compared to chatting for 3 hours. Besides, it does not damage your eyesight, and you’ll sleep like a baby.

Don’t Store Movies on Your Phone!

How To Stop Artificial Phone Light From Wrecking Your Sleep

With the growth of the internet, we’re now downloading shows quickly using our smartphones. You only need a secure wireless Hotspot and you’re good to go. This is an amazing innovation in technology, but it has a few negative impacts. For instance, I used to enjoy downloading the latest episodes ‘Game of Thrones’ while at work. At night, I would slide into bed, plug in my earphones and watch the heated ‘battle for the iron throne.’

If you’re doing the same too, then it’s something that you’ll have to abandon sooner rather than later. Of course, this is arguably the hardest thing to do on this list. How can you just ignore your favorite show after a hard day’s work? Yes, it’s relaxing, but it’s better to watch them on your TV. It’s larger and probably has a better picture and sound quality. It even helps to bring the family together!

Saying that your smartphone light is destroying your sleep may sound a bit farfetched, but sadly, it’s true. I know that not playing games on your gadgets or chatting with friends past midnight is no fun at all! Even so, it’s also not exciting once you deprive your body off sleep as it causes poor health. Even though it’s difficult, try to follow any of these tips and you’ll see impressive health results in future. As I wind up, I would also like to remind you that you need to keep your body healthy in all situations!

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