Infographic: 72 Stats to Understand SEO in 2018

72 Stats to Understand SEO in 2018
Written by Freya Lowe

In this digital world, every company is rapidly struggling to be in the race. They are constantly trying different marketing tactics to beat their competitors by being in the eyes of the customers. No matter how hard you try, with intense competition in almost every industry, it is difficult to get the required conversion rate on any campaign. Hence, digital tools like SEO use algorithms to make you reach a certain position online. Most of the companies outsource their SEO work but nowadays, understanding these tactics is crucial to carry out any business.

The below infographic will help you to learn about how you can rapidly increase your conversion rate. You can know regarding the digital market and its trends and how you can use different algorithms to increase your ranking in a simple and fun way. Moreover, the information is backed by factual data to make you understand how effective these digital techniques are turning out.

Are your marketing strategies according to current digital trends? How much conversion rate you are expecting out of it? Look at the given infographic to understand the factors affecting your ranking digitally and get quick conversion rate on your tactics.

Increase Conversion Rate Faster


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