Infographic: OnePlus’s Journey to 6

Infographic OnePlus's Journey to 6
Written by Izak Van Heerden

OnePlus 6, the latest smartphone in OnePlus’ lineup brings a whole mix of great and not so great choices. The improved design, larger screen, 4K60 video recording and headphone jack comprise of the great choices. While the lack of true water resistance, wireless charging and the notch are the not so great choices. The omissions we feel are deliberate to allow enough features for the rumored OnePlus 6T launching later in the year.

But how did OnePlus get here? made a neat infographic that illustrates OnePlus’ journey over the past 5 years. With just eight phones OnePlus has had an amazing journey with an excellent fan base.

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OnePlus’ fame came with its very first device the OnePlus One. It launched in 2014 a time when Nexus phones still existed, Android One was limited to low-end phones and Samsung still had the awful TouchWiz UI on their phones. In this market, Oneplus managed a phone that had specs like a high-end Samsung, software as smooth as Nexus and a price that could be described as mid-range. This allowed the OnePlus One to garner a sales figure of more than 1 million. And this was just the start. They’ve come a long way now. Their phones are loved by critics and fans alike but of all the OnePlus phone which one is your favorite? Do let us know after you have a look at the infographic below.

Infographic One Plus Journey To 6


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