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Innovative New Tech: Flic Button, AirBar, Aquapaw, Airless Tyres, Sonnet

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Written by Darren Wall

Innovative New Tech is a term which many companies use loosely to describe their products. Often they forget, what they offer must solve a problem or look to address the failings of a previous product. As such, lack lustre sales and continued resting on their laurels is the default position of many manufacturers today.

But what about those who strive to be better, are they on the cusp of producing a new tech releases? Here are five pieces of up and coming innovative tech we think you should take a look at!

Innovative New Tech – Our Top 5

So, here we go, in no particular order, these products were picked because we think they offer something new. Something, which may lead to them having a significant impact on their respective markets.

Flic the magic button enables you to control aspects of your life at a touch.

Image Source: Flic/Indiegogo

Flic – The Smart Bluetooth Button

The promise of complete control at the touch of a button has been around for decades. However, now with technologies such as WiFi, and Bluetooth everywhere devices no longer need to be wired to stay connected. As such, the creators of Flic have developed a button, one that allows you to controls software and hardware. And that can be at home, in the car, or at work, the choice is yours.

As a piece of innovative new tech, Flic has been around for a while, although it is continually improved. The button itself has three triggers actions: click, double-click, and long-press. Each action can have an associated outcome/task assigned to it, here are a few examples.

  • As an emergency button, send an alert to friends and family
  • Control the camera on your smartphone with a single press, it’s perfect for selfies.
  • Setup actions for when driving such as start navigation, controlling music, and managing calls.
  • Activate applications on a smartphone or tablet, such as Spotify, Jawbone, Runkeeper, IFTTT, and many more.
  • Control your smart home, open/close blinds, turn on/off lights, manage security, heating, and more.

You can discover more about this versatile wonder button here.

Airbar is an innovative new tech product which turns your MacBook pro into a touchscreen computer.

Image Source:

AirBar – Now Your MacBook Air Has a Touchscreen

While Apple may be at the forefront of consumer technology in terms of sales. Many, think its lack of ability to listen to what consumers want will be its ultimate downfall. As such, innovative new tech for the MacBook Air is in the hands of third parties, and now we have AirBar!

What is it? It’s a little bar which sits at the bottom of the MacBook Airs display and offers via infrared touchscreen control. It works by emitting infrared light across the screen, this then senses the movement of fingers and their position in real-time. This gives a user the ability to tap, swipe up/down, left, and right, as well as pinch to zoom, click or scroll.

Available in black and silver, it is a thin aluminium strip which fits neatly across the device and plugs in via USB. Additionally, setup is a cinch, thanks to it being completely Plug-and-Play. Furthermore, it is held in place thanks to, two magnets on its rear; this prevents it sliding across the keyboard. As for software, there is none to download for basic use, however, for multitouch support an additional downloadable driver is required. Other than that, for full control, you will need to give it access your computer’s controls via the Accessibilities tab.

If you want to know more, see here.

Aquapaws innovative new tech enables your dog to be washed easily while you stay in control

Image Source: Aquapaw/Kickstarter

Aquapaw -More Control Over Doggy Bath Time

If you are a dog owner, you know how challenging your beloved pet can be when it comes to bath time. He/she often doesn’t stand still, and the lack of control can be frustrating.

To the rescue is Aquapaw. This innovative new tech puts both your hands on the dog and water in the palm of your hand. Meaning that lack of control is a thing of the past, and you can get the job faster.

As for what it is, Aquapaw is a bathing glove which fits in the palm of your hand and attaches to a connected hose. With a squeeze of the hand, the device injects water into your pet’s coat. Offering a faster and easier rinse, which removes excess spray, giving you more control. For ease of setup, it comes with a quick-connect adapter and an easy to install splitter for shower heads.

Thanks to the backing of hundreds on Kickstarter, Aquapaw is now available to purchase both in North America and Worldwide. You can find out more, here.

Bridgestone Airless Bike Tyre are the innovative new tech for the future of all wheeled vehicles

Image Source: Bridgestone

No More Puncture Repairs – Thanks To Airless Bicycle Tyres

Earlier this year Bridgestone, announced that it and Bridgestone Cycle Co.Ltd are working on making airless cycle tyres a reality!

While the concept had been around for some time, it was not widely known that a working prototype was in production. As such the companies are looking to end our reliance on air filled tyres and the floors they present. Called the “Air Free Concept 1,” it uses a unique spoke structure which stretches along the tyres and a new resin that helps to create improved efficiency and comfortable ride.

When should this be available to consumers? According to an official statement put out by the companies, that could be as soon as 2019. However, it is clear that further development is required to make Airless cycle tyres a reality. Furthermore, Bridgestone has a set its self the goal of bringing this innovative new tech to more forms of transport too!

You can read more about the future of tyres, here.

Sonnets innovative new tech enables you to stay connected without a cellular connection.

Image Source: Sonnet/Kickstarter

Sonnet – Connect Anywhere, No Cellular Connection Required

Yes, you read the above correctly, Sonnet is a device which gives you a connection anywhere even if there’s no cellular service. Which, if you were to become lost, and a friend or a family member has one, means you can stay connected/safe.

How does it work? Sonnet is an off the grid comms device which allows you to send SMS, images, make voice calls, and even browse the web. It does this by utilising long-range wireless comms/radio, much like a walkie talkie. However, the quality of what it provides and its options are far superior to the older tech! It connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and enables you to send and receive data to other Sonnet users.

This removes the need for reliance on the cellular grid and works up to a maximum of 50-miles via a max of 16-connected Sonnets. At a minimum/one other device, the range can be 3-miles without a line of sight, although with one this increases to 9-miles.

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Darren Wall
Darren hails from the UK, is a lover of all things mobile technology and likes to write about it all of the time. He's been writing for his own mobile tech blog and various others for over 13-years and cannot foresee a day in which he will become tired of doing so.

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Darren Wall

Darren hails from the UK, is a lover of all things mobile technology and likes to write about it all of the time. He's been writing for his own mobile tech blog and various others for over 13-years and cannot foresee a day in which he will become tired of doing so.

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