Short Youtube Horror Movies Featuring Cell Phones

Written by Izak Van Heerden

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Cell phones are a gateway to a person’s entire life- their private conversations, photos, and favorite websites are all neatly stored in a small box from which some find they can’t tear themselves away. It’s a natural transition for horror to move into tech as society becomes more reliant on it, and for something as personal as a cell phone to prove a source of serious danger is enough to terrify us all.

These horror shorts shine a light on some truly frightening stories surrounding our favorite toy.


It’s easy to see why Lewis Farinella’s five minute short has over 2 million views. When a woman is woken by her boyfriend’s texts asking to send photos of their recent road trip, she sleepily searches her cell phone for them – only to find that there are photos of herself, sleeping, from earlier that night. When she finds who took them, she wishes she hadn’t. An incredible score and slow build follow the story of what happens when your only saving grace becomes your worst nightmare.

Cam Closer

In just over two minutes and without any plot or backstory, David Sandberg’s Cam Closer is able to pack a lot of punch. Playing on typical instagram shots of food, the protagonist attempts to takes a photo of her apple and coffee, but notices something strange when she goes to take the picture – the apple is not visible on her phone’s camera. As she moves about her house trying to figure out what’s happening, she notices that something more sinister can be seen through her camera lens. An interesting take on obsession with our phone cameras and how that obsession may be our downfall.


No words are spoken in Timothée Hochet’s four-and-a-half minute French short SNAP, but the protagonist’s fear is conveyed with labored breathing as she shakes, wondering what awaits her. What is she so afraid of?  Someone is watching her, and they’re using Snapchat to show her. A good score on top of some well done cinematic shots and great acting make this horror short worthy of a watch.



Drew Daywalt won the Chiller-Eyegore Award for Best Short Film for Bedfellows, and it’s easy to see why – a tense atmosphere, a knowing clock ticking in the background, and some truly terrifying special effects makeup turn the creep factor all the way up in under two minutes. A woman is awoken in the middle of the night from a phone call from her husband. If he’s not beside her in bed…then who is?

Selfie from Hell

Any horror buff knows that just when you think it’s safe, that’s when danger strikes. Selfie from Hell plays into false senses of security and how true monsters take advantage of this. A woman attempting to send her boyfriend a sexy selfie reveals something strange behind her in the photo on her phone. When she doesn’t see anything in her house, she uses her phone to take pictures around the house, attempting to catch him again under a lens. Just as she lets her guard down once more, the man appears for a final time, and he’s out for blood. A true jump scare is likely the reason this short has over 18 million views.

The Call

(This movie seems to have disappeared. If you find any good Youtube horror shorts, please leave us a comment)

Deriving from When A Stranger Calls, original CryptTV short The Call will have your heart pounding and mind racing. A mother is too taken with her phone call to pay much attention to her son’s warning of a monster in his room. She sends him off to bed against his wishes, and immediately receives another call – this time from a frighteningly eerie voice threatening her and her son. Is it someone messing with her, or could there really be a monster lurking in the shadows? It’s what you don’t see in this short that truly terrifies.

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Izak Van Heerden
Izak has witnessed a couple of decades worth of changing tech. He hopes to make it a couple more until his conscience can be copied to a cyborg body.

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Izak Van Heerden

Izak has witnessed a couple of decades worth of changing tech. He hopes to make it a couple more until his conscience can be copied to a cyborg body.

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