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The 5 Biggest Problems with Star Wars The Last Jedi

The 5 Biggest Problems with Star Wars The Last Jedi Lghtsabers
Written by Izak Van Heerden

(Spoilers ahead)

Star Wars episode 8 left me with a similar feeling of dissatisfaction to what I experienced after seeing Batman vs Superman: that the whole premise seemed contrived. Sure enough the story was grand and gripping, but in the end the plot equation didn’t add up. And that killed the movie for me.

The 5 Biggest Problems with Star Wars The Last Jedi

The 5 Biggest Problems with Star Wars The Last Jedi

Rebels Without a Cause

In the new episodes we just get the empire again, this time called the First Order, ruled by a new “emperor”. It all seems too convenient, since a rebellion needs to rebel against… something. To me this feels like a cop-out, like the script writers just wanted to recreate the political setup we saw in episodes 4, 5 and 6. The First Order is not built up properly, it’s just suddenly there to replace the empire.

What’s up with Kylo Ren?

Many theorists on Youtube claim Kylo Ren might be the most powerful Jedi ever. All I’m seeing when I look at Kylo is Scott from Austin Powers.

Kylo comes across as an immature whining adolescent with some serious daddy issues, and with the demise of the “emperor”, Scott, err Kylo will now be the token representative from the dark side and leader of the First Order. He also lost a ton of credibility in my eyes by losing a lightsaber fight to two newbies in episode 7 even given the fact that a Wookie Bowcaster winged him.


Snoke Dies that Easy, Really?

After building up all the mystery around Snoke (some fans believe him to Darth Plagueis), Rian Johnson saw him as irrelevant and wrote him out. Where did he come from? What is his story? Apparently nothing more than being a placeholder for the brat. What is left for us now going forward? Instead of an impossible battle against the might of an empire, the scope of the next movie has been reduced to a family soap drama with the brat controlling the armada.

The Laughable SlowMo Chase

So now the “empire” is just following behind the rebels, not jumping ahead a couple of seconds through hyperspace, not sending out fighters, allowing them enough time to get help. And had Leya or Holdo just let Poe Dameron in on her plans, the whole mutiny subplot would have been unnecessary. Why did Holdo remain on the ship, could she have put a stick on the accelerator pedal, release the handbrake, got on a shuttle and let the ship run (or even point it back at the empire ships)?

Luke not Luke

The 5 Biggest Problems with Star Wars The Last Jedi Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill
at the LACMA: Art and Film Gala, LACMA, Los Angeles, CA 11-04-17

Mark Hamill stated that he fundamentally disagreed with every choice for Luke in the Last Jedi. In episode 8 Luke is a complete failure and displays the same weakness that led Anakin to the dark side of the force.¬†Gone is the reserved cool fellow we saw striding into Jaba’s lair, meeting all challenges head-on and staying true to the spirit of the Jedi.

Wait, There is Another

Just as “Aliens” or the Godfather II managed to improve upon their predecessor we had high hopes for the sequels. What if Hollywood decided to tap the rich Star Wars history and take us deeper into the mythology of the universe, perhaps introducing The Ones or Abeloth?

Maybe it’s not too late.

Can Snoke return to life with his force mastery and graft robo legs from his waist down like Darth Maul did? We can only hope for an improvement over The Young and Clueless in space.

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The 5 Biggest Problems with Star Wars The Last Jedi


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