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The 8 Best Smart Phone Apps For Musicians

The 8 Best Smart Phone Apps For Musicians
Written by Eline Van

Music and musicians have been around for pretty much a long time. With that said, music has effectively been an important part of culture, wherever we go. No matter what goes on around us, it’s just something that just hasn’t left, but instead, has managed to keep up with the times. This is mostly characterized by the strong presence of a lot of apps for music and music making on smartphones, which is essentially its marriage with modern technology. With that said, what are the 8 best Smart Phone apps for Musicians, that go beyond giving you downloadable music? Let’s go have a look!

The 8 Best Smart Phone Apps For Musicians


One of the aspects there is to a music career is a better means or organizing your materials. With that said, there are a lot of apps you can use for this particular purpose, and one of these is Dropbox. With the app you are able to save on space and time when it comes to management of your raw files, as you are able to access them and work with them whenever, wherever.


If you make music with a guitar, then this is a great app for you. Tuning your guitar by ear, especially if you are going to teach students or make your own music, is essentially suicide, as it is unreliable. Moreover, while there are tuners around, these tend to be heavy. With this guitar tuning app, you get to carry a lot less as you could tune your guitar through your phone.

Slick Metronome

Metronomes are essential when it comes to getting the right beat for things. This app is equipped with Odd Meters, Accents for Subdivision, and a Tap Tempo functionality that allows you to get the right meter for your tracks. This app definitely comes in handy for people who are in the process of making a song, or adding melody to a set of lyrics, as this helps to set the meter. In a nutshell, the simplest, most basic instrument could be opened in the comfort of your phone with the help of this app.

Wave Recorder

If you are a composer, and would prefer speaking about their plans rather than writing them down, this is the best for you. Also, if you have students, or if you’re an amateur who seeks to enhance their singing voice, this app enables you to do exactly just that with its quality recording features. It has a slick and smooth interface that allows you to record things and play them again and again with ease, until you feel satisfied with the results.



 It would always be a dreadful instance when singers forget their lyrics. Rather than bringing lyric sheets, this app is one that would definitely come in handy, as it gives you access to more than a million songs. You could even organize the music you are playing on your phone in order to properly match the timing of the lyrics on the screen to give a karaoke-like experience to things.

RecForge Pro

If you wish to take recording up a notch, then RecForge Pro is the perfect app for you. This is because it’s capable of high-quality sound recording, and it could record in ogg, wav, and mp3. You could also convert audio files, store clips through the cloud, as well as make use of a wide array of tools and settings to make the sound as pristine and of superior quality as possible. To make the experience the ultimate one, it is suggested to make use of a quality microphone as well.

Walk Band

This app takes the whole recording studio and crams it up into your phone. With that said, it is a music-making app for creativity, that’s all fun and allows you to translate your thoughts into music on-the-go. It is a multi-instrument app that has a set of digital instruments, as well as a multi-track recording capacity that allows you to record songs and create tracks as if you’re in a real studio, without actually having to go into one.


If you’re on the lookout for the perfect tool for musicians and music students, then this is the perfect one for you. This is because the app allows you to directly manage music sheets, and thus allows you to give kids the necessary homework, as well as work around music scoresheets. Apart from music sheets, you could also play tracks through the MIDI format, and you could also program the progressions of the chord, and work with several pre-programmed tracks from the iRealb forum which is directly accessible from the app. While it may be more expensive, the convenience that this brings is worth it.

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