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The Best Small and Medium Tech Blogs to Follow

Written by Izak Van Heerden

Consuming tech can be compared to consuming beer. Sometimes we get tired of the big brands. A special pleasure can be derived from consuming craft beers, hand brewed and customized for our satisfaction.

Best Small and Medium Tech Websites to Follow

The following blogs do not box in the league of the Engadgets and Gizmodos of the world, but they do offer a distinct taste and texture of their own.

Tech Blogs

Best Small and Medium Tech Websites to Follow Wonder of Tech

Wonder of Tech

The Wonder of Tech is a blog that offers insight to all things tech, such as, cell phones and their operating systems. The information on this site can help you better understand developments in the tech world and risks you may not want to take with different types of technology.


Hob Gear

Hob Gear offers information on the best of the best accessories and equipment for many different needs, including vlogging, keyboards, electric scooters, routers, laptops, and more. This site is one of the best places to get the truth about different accessories you may use on a daily basis with great reviews.

Skytech Geek

Skytech Geek is a site you can use for beneficial information about business tools, web development, and much more. This is a site full of information about many different topics, including development, WordPress, business, web design, and gadgets. This site offers beneficial information about trending website gadgets and website tools.

Tech Patio

Tech Patio is a site that offers a little bit of information on all things technology related. Other topics that are discussed on this site include blogging, cryptocurrency, photography, reviews, and how-to guides. If you have ever wanted to know how to get things done with technology on your side, Tech Patio is your guide.

Tech/Mobile Blogs

Best Small and Medium Tech Websites to Follow Jaypee

Jaypee Online

Japypee Online gives visitors the inside scoop on technology and different web platforms. There are articles available on this site that include freeware, tips and tricks, themes, and much more. This site is a goldmine of information of unique facts about cell phones. free software, the internet, and tons more.

New Gen Apps

New Gen Apps is a company that helps businesses initiate their mobile presence, engage in cloud storage, and much more. They offer their services to individuals, startups, and enterprises. New Gen Apps uses Intelligense® that provides their clients with intelligent computing services, as well as, IT solutions. Chatbots are a popular feature of the Intelligense® service.

Tech Pinas

Tech Pinas is a tech blog that is dedicated to Filipinos all over the world. This blog provides beneficial tech information that directly affects Filipinos. The goal of this blog is to help Filipinos become informed about technology and how it works, become tech-savvy and form a tech-empowered nation in the near future.

Mac-Jordan Dega djor

The digital life of Mac-Jordan Degadjor is at your fingertips. He is the founder of SocialGood Ghana and the co-founder of Africa New Media (ANM). The information on this blog is purposed to redefine Africa’s originality. To achieve this goal, Mac-Jordan Degadjor created a blog that focuses on the talents, innovative ideas, and technology of Africa and African people.

Gaming Blogs

Best Small and Medium Tech Websites to Follow Keengamer

Keen Gamer

Keen Gamer is a site you can use to purchase your favorite games by searching for them using the main characters of the game. This site offers digital game keys for purchase. Keen Gamer offers game activation tips and a variety of discounted games. There are reviews and articles that provide gamers with useful information.

MCM Gaming

MCM Gaming is a portal into the world of gaming, including online games. Here, you can read reviews and news about games. You can also read tips and tricks for many different games that will help you when times get rough. If you encounter gaming problems, MCM Gaming is the place to go to get detailed tutorials to fix common gaming errors.

Hammered Gaming Blog

The all-in-one gaming resource is Hammered Gaming Blog. This site offers gaming news and details about all things gaming. You can stay up-to-date with the latest gaming console news and information about the best gaming accessories, PC games, sports video games, and action, and adventure video games. Everything you may ever want to know about games and their consoles can be found on this site.


This gaming site offers gamers advice about a variety of games and current gaming news. Exiin is an Indie Game industry developer. They specialize in Ary and the Secret of Seasons, Afterloop, and Rote. They offer news updates on their current game and invite people to be a part of their online community.

Enthusiast Gaming

Enthusiast Gaming is a media and technology company that offers a united gaming community. This company brings online and offline gamers from around the world together by hosting gaming events, online gaming content, and online channels. Enthusiast Gaming is a site where people can game, share, and grow. It’s an online community of friends.

Cryptocurrency Blogs

Best Small and Medium Tech Websites to Follow CryptoPotato

Crypto Potato

Crypto Potato is a blueprint for the cryptocurrency world. This site is all about bitcoins and altcoins. Do you know the difference between the two? If not, Crypto Potato gives you insight into everything related to cryptocurrencies. This website provides how-to articles to help traders of all levels achieve their goals. There are trading tips and investing guides that can be used to help people make wise decisions when trading.


CoinSutra provides helpful resources for Bitcoin and crypto instances. This website offers a toolkit people can use to begin their journey into the cryptocurrency world. Some of the most powerful and popular crypto tools are offered, including, portfolio management and exchange tools. On the CoinSutra website, you can purchase Bitcoins, learn about Bitcoins, convert Bitcoins to Ethereum, and much more.

UK Bitcoin Blog

Uk Bitcoin Blog offers a free guide to help newcomers become familiar with Bitcoin. There are a variety of blogs that provide beneficial information about Bitcoin mining, Forex/BTC trading, initial coin offerings, and useful tips for the world of cryptocurrency. This site offers current financial news and information from around the world. UK Bitcoin Blog has been awarded the top 100 cryptocurrency blog award, as well as, the top 15 cryptomining blog award.


CryptoStache gives helpful tips for beginners who wish to enter the world of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. What was started as a resource for friends has turned into a site that is packed with tons of information about reading trading charts, coinbase, and other helpful resources. CryptoStache, home of the mustache, offers beginner classes for Bitcoin users who need a crash course on cryptocurrency and how it works. CryptoStache is a one-stop-shop for all things about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

Ryan’s Blog

Ryan’s Blog is a wearer of many hats. He is a tech enthusiast, as well as, an avid reader, software developer, and health guru. On Ryan’s blog, you can find a variety of information, that includes news on cryptocurrency. This information takes an in-depth look at coinbase engineering velocity, comparing market caps, Bitcoin, and much more.


CCN is the place you go to stay informed about news related to ICO, Bitcoin, BlockchainEthereum, and cryptocurrency. While you’re on the site, you can view prices for Bitcoin, Lifecoin, Ripple, Dash, and many more. There are hundreds of articles website visitors can use to stay updated with cryptocurrency news in different countries.

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Izak Van Heerden
Izak has witnessed a couple of decades worth of changing tech. He hopes to make it a couple more until his conscience can be copied to a cyborg body.

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Izak Van Heerden

Izak has witnessed a couple of decades worth of changing tech. He hopes to make it a couple more until his conscience can be copied to a cyborg body.


  • Hey Izak – great list you pulled together here. We would love to be considered for your next list of top small and medium tech blogs to look out for. Our site is and we publish 5-10 pieces of fresh content a day. Each post is centered around tech, entertainment, and culture so while it’s tech-heavy we also post popular content that’s trending in the news.

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