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The Future of Home Security (Is It Finally Here?)

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Written by Izak Van Heerden

Recent years have seen some major breakthroughs in various areas of technology with companies constantly competing against each other in different industries to make themselves the talk of the town. This is how Nintendo ended up bringing us Pokemon Go, making a huge disruption in the mobile gaming industry and Elon Musk changed the car industry with his battery powered cars.

The one field which has not seen such major disruptions is the field of home security, despite various companies inventing some fairly advanced technologies in this area. Various technologies have been invented to distinguish people from animals on your premises and even distinguish home occupants from strangers, but no company has yet made the full leap to integrate all these systems and create a single complete product for home security.

The Future of Home Security…

So what kind of a system are we talking about when we mention a complete and intelligent home security system? Given the technologies we already have at our disposal, certainly it would have to be a very advanced system based on artificial intelligence, motion sensors and other modern forms of home surveillance. But first of all, let us have a look at what we already have on the market today.

Nest Outdoor Cam

The Nest Indoor Cam has been around for some time and now the company came out with their brand new Outdoor Cam, designed to greatly improve home security. This modern camera uses Google AI technology to distinguish between people and animals, which is quite a game changer when it comes to home surveillance.

Additionally, the Camera comes with a number of other useful features such as the ability to communicate to trespassers or visitors through the camera using your mobile phone or to have a recording play when a human is detected entering your premises.


These are all very useful features that will make you feel safer at home and worry less when travelling but can this technology be improved further? Should Nest think about introducing a feature that distinguishes between the occupants of the home and strangers? These are all legit questions that the company should take under advisement if they plan to stay at the top of the industry for the years to come.

CanaryThe Future of Home Security Canary

Connected to a mobile or iWatch app, the Canary security camera is one of the most advanced pieces of home surveillance equipment currently available. The camera allows you to use a single piece of hardware to monitor an entire room, alerting the owner to both unusual motions and sounds on the premises and making for an excellent blend between privacy and security.

The Canary is designed to only react to genuine security concerns and not alert the owner with unnecessary minor disturbances caused by weather or other similar stimulants. The camera allows you to track the video feed through a mobile app, with up to 12 hours of video footage being stored on the Cloud completely free and further Cloud space available for purchase.

Overall speaking, Canary is a state of the art motion and sound monitoring system which records the room at all times and allows the user a live feed as well as up to 12 hours of recorded video footage at any time. This makes for a system that will alleviate most of your home security concerns and truly one of the finest home security devices out there.

Y-Cam EvoThe Future of Home Security Y-Cam Evo

If you are looking for even more free recording time and an even more advanced interior security camera, the Y-Cam Evo is likely your best bet. Unlike the Nest Cam, Evo will not continually record the area, but will rather start recording when it detects a motion using its advanced motion sensors. Evo’s free Cloud recording space will allow the user to store up to 7 days of video footage, which means you won’t have to empty the space any time soon, with clips being uploaded only upon detected motion.

Very small and easily mounted on any type of a surface, Evo is one of the easiest home surveillance cameras to use and with its high quality video recordings and great storage capacity, it has quickly become one of the favorites among home owners.


A brilliant and innovative mobile app available for iOS and Android systems, Manything allows you to use your old phone as a security camera of sorts. The system allows you to install the app on your main phone you carry with you and another phone which you will leave in the room you wish to track.

This way, your old phone becomes a security camera, which constantly keeps track of the room in question and begins recording the moment it notices any motion in the space it is monitoring. The live Manything feed can then be tuned into from your main phone and a recording of the motion is also saved and downloadable to your phone.

This makes the app a great way to keep track of everything happening in your home without purchasing or installing expensive surveillance cameras or additional gadgets. Simply re-use an old phone and turn it into a security camera, making your home safe and giving you peace of mind.

The app is currently available in full for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads while the Android app is still in Beta phase which only allows it to be used on a limited number of Android devices. Overall, the app works fantastic and both the live feed and downloadable clips are available for free, while a cheap monthly subscription will let you store longer history of video recordings and use multiple phones for recording at once.


Pronounced EyeSight, this fantastic new surveillance system is one that resembles something from a Hollywood movie. The system that was first installed in Boston after the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing, allows the cameras to “learn” normal behavior patterns of people in an area and then alert the authorities to any behavior that falls outside of these patterns.

AI Cameras, designed by Behavioral Recognition System Labs are without a doubt the future of video surveillance, as they are designed to literally predict criminal and unconventional behavior before it happens and prevent it by informing the authorities of the potential for it to happen.

The system basically searches for patterns that suggest intoxication or uncontrolled behavior. For instance, stumbling motions, napping on public surfaces, or standing motionless for long periods of time are all considered strange human behaviors and may lead to the system alerting the police or other authorities.

AIsight is designed not only to protect other people from the behavior of intoxicated individuals, but also to protect them from themselves. A study done in Japan in 2013 showed that 60% of the 221 people hit by trains in Japan that year were intoxicated when it happened, which is why Japanese government is now installing AIsight cameras on the train stations in an attempt to prevent such incidents from happening.

This makes AIsight a revolutionary device when it comes to the protection of individuals from accidents but also potential prevention of criminal and terrorist activities, which are seemingly becoming more of a concern with each passing month.

Asus Zenbo 

Robotics is advancing by the day, but advanced robots who can actually do things for themselves are still not ready for mass production nor are they in the price range of most regular people. Zenbo, on the other hand is both those things, as he is a very simple yet extremely helpful little guy.

While he has many purposes and can be used for anything from entertaining your kids to watching over your elderly, Zenbo is also a great tool for home surveillance. With remote control over the internet, live camera feed and motion detection integration, Zenbo is a robot you will want to have around your house at all times and one of the more innovative home surveillance gadgets.

Sentry Guns!!! Whaaat?

If just being alerted to trespassers and seeing them on video feed is not enough, multiple home security companies have developed an even safer way of protecting your premises. Have you seen Aliens, the Director’s Cut? Sentry guns such as Gladiator II are designed to not only detect and record the strangers in your backyard but also do something about it.

Armed with paintball or airsoft guns, these Sentry Guns will fire a salve of paintball rounds at their target, shooing away any potential Pokemon Go lurkers, strange stalkers but even dangerous criminals who will also have to think twice before stepping a foot on your premises.

Armed with very sensitive cameras, motion sensors and fast firing guns, devices like Nerf Vulcan Sentry Gun will make sure that your home is safe from any intrusion while you are away. You will not need to control the device in any way and once armed, it will fire upon anyone who enters the area, making this type of home security system one of the more advanced and safest ways to protect your home from intrusion.

What The Future Holds

The Future of Home Security Home Control

With seemingly all industries out there being changed and transformed by modern technologies and mobile devices, cloud storage and other modern day inventions becoming a regular part of our daily lives it is not strange to see people expect improvements in home security as well.

Through the use of motion and sound sensors, use of artificial intelligence to distinguish between humans and animals and even home occupants and strangers, Cloud video recording storage and even preventive systems such as sentry guns, the industry is certainly moving in the direction of giving home owners more safety and peace of mind by the day.

While there is still lots of room for improvement, we can certainly see companies constantly coming up with new innovative ways to protect your homes. The likely next step is the integration of all these systems into unified and complete home security systems and with recent developments in the field of robotics it is not beyond imagination that we will live to see the day when intelligent robots protect our homes when we are not there.

What do you think the future of home security holds? We would love to hear your thoughts, so please share them with us in the comments section below.

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Izak Van Heerden
Izak has witnessed a couple of decades worth of changing tech. He hopes to make it a couple more until his conscience can be copied to a cyborg body.

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Izak Van Heerden

Izak has witnessed a couple of decades worth of changing tech. He hopes to make it a couple more until his conscience can be copied to a cyborg body.


  • I would like to see a home security device that is almost invisible to the intruder. All these mounted cameras and the like. Most certainly will alert the intruder because they too look out for them. How about a way to have the camera merge with the wall or roof of the house. Or the camera can be part of the furniture. Or have the security device talk to the intruder by name. That will be cool.

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