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Top 10 Free Audiobooks on Audible

Top 10 Free Audiobooks on Audible
Written by Izak Van Heerden

One of the joys of life is having a book read to you. It harkens back to Victorian sitting rooms with ladies doing needlework and knitting while one woman reads or grade school having a teacher read a good book or the power of commuting to work and being able to hear a book that can transform your future.

There’s something about the sweetness of stories unfolding in voice.

Top 10 Free Audiobooks on Audible

  1. Michael J. Sullivan – Professional Integrity
  2. Michael J. Sullivan – The Jester
  3. Brian D. Anderson – The Jewel of Danteno
  4. Sarah Fleming – So Long, Lollipops
  5. Washington Post – How to Travel the World for Free (The Points Guy)
  6. Ashlea Ebeling – Tax Free Transfer
  7. Steve Fishman – Ponzi Supernova
  8. Natasha Frost – How Medieval Chefs Tackled Meat-free Days
  9. Kevin C. Fitzpatrick – The Speakeasy Guide to Prohibition Era Slang
  10. Allen C. Guelzo – Why Gettysburg Mattered: 150 Years Later

Audible fulfills all those needs and desires, and often, you can find a wonderful book for free. Yes, FREE.

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The range of free on Audible books covers everything from book excerpts, sample chapters, interviews and full books.

Top 10 Free Audiobooks on Audible Professional Integrity

There are several stories in the Riyria Chronicles Tales written by Michael J. Sullivan. It is the return of the mercenary Hadrian and ex-assassin Royce as they join forces to create the thieves-for-hire organization called Riyria. It is a classic in the fantasy genre and it hails a nod to the buddy stories that make up literary fiction’s very best in strife and clever dialogue, banter, and adventure.

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Sullen and sometimes beleaguered, this pair will win hearts with their gruff attitudes. One is the short story, Professional Integrity, which has the pair stealing something of dubious distinction for a young noblewoman, which leads to woes, wonder, and suspense. They must solve the mystery of what is really happening if they want protect their professional integrity.

Top 10 Free Audiobooks on Audible The Jester

Another Riyria universe short story is The Jester, where the widow of a baron chandler joins the pair to outwit a dwarf with a wicked sense of humor to retrieve a jester’s treasure. The twists and turns of this tale will have you alternately smiling and gasping. A tight and wonderful resolution will make even the dreariest of afternoons worth curling up and listening.

Top 10 Free Audiobooks on Audible Jewel of Dantenos

Another Fantasy addition is by well-known fantasy writer, Brian D. Anderson. The Jewel of Dantenos is a Lee Starfinder Adventure from the Godling Chronicles. Billed as .05, this a prequel that finds Lee Starfinder, and companion Millet Gristall, setting off on their first adventure. The crisp and highly descriptive narrative paints a rich and detailed world that you long to experience. The characters are diverse, but echo of strong fantasy characters. It’s a story of learning and growing, where Lee learns the value of bravery, loyalty, and friendship.

Top 10 Free Audiobooks on Audible So Long Lollipops

Do you love Zombies? A wonderful zombie tale is So Long, Lollipops. This apocalyptic short story with a tantalizing turn of phrases and plot twist. Peter watches his family leave, feeling he is doomed. His doom is death or zombiehood, but a twist of fate has him searching to get his family back. It’s a edge of your seat ride.

Top 10 Free Audiobooks on Audible Washington Post

Who can resist the lure of this Washington Post title and premise? How to Travel the World for ‘Free’? The Points Guy Shows You the Way. Written by Andrea Sachs, describes strategies of Brian Kelly, the guru of airline and hotel loyalty points.

Top 10 Free Audiobooks on Audible Tax Free Transfer

There are several alluring tales of high finance that most of us only view through the lens of the news. Tax-Free Transfer Written by Ashlea Ebeling will dazzle with almost James Bond meets investment intrigue, as it chronicles Sarah Friar, the Goldman Sachs alum puts 1 million of her shares in a grantor retained annuity trust and Eric Friedman, cofounder of Fitbit, putting 2.4 million shares in a GRAT. These case histories give a view of complex dealings.

Top 10 Free Audiobooks on Audible Ponzi Supernova

Ponzi Supernova profiles Bernie Madoff. Madoff went to prison for orchestrating the largest Ponzi scheme in history. This title follows the arc of deception by this Wall Street financier in this audible original. Crafty finance tales at their best.

Top 10 Free Audiobooks on Audible Medieval Chefs

A fun and delightful addition are quirky books that have subjects as dubious and peculiar as How Medieval Chefs Tackled Meat-free Days.

Top 10 Free Audiobooks on Audible Prohibiting Era Slang

And The Speakeasy Guide to Prohibition Era Slang which brings to light some of the same expression we still use and some that have faded into obscurity.

Top 10 Free Audiobooks on Audible Gettysburg

In the history vein, the audible Why Gettysburg Mattered:150 years later, explores the depth of the Civil War’s most important battle. It concludes with an inspiring performance of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Studying the Civil War, sit back and listen.

And Some More…

Known for his suspense and thriller novels, New York Times Bestseller, Ridley Pearson give a unique glimpse into the Lock and Key world with The Gadwall Incident. This YA book has a charm that will engage the most discerning of readers, and will appeal to adults as well. It is a twist on Sherlock Holmes by telling the tale of James and Moria Moriarty when they meet Sherlock Holmes, who is insufferable and difficult. A fine romp through some well-known themes and stories.

Another advantage to free audiblebooks are the interviews where artists discuss their processes to their work. Some are exclusive to Audible. From Sir Derek Jacobi, notable British actor of both stage and screen to Sarah Vaughan on the release of her second novel and Nicholas Sparks talking about his long reaching career in storytelling.

Are you Latino or looking to listen to a book in Spanish. There are many, but you can’t beat La ninfa de porcelana or The Porcelain Nymph Written and Narrated by Isabel Allende. The incomparable Allende weaves in the mythos of Pygmallion and the coloring book craze. It is the story of an unimaginative man who buys a lovely statue that comes to life when they are alone and colors his life with joy and adventure.

There’s a diverse number of free audible books, and it’s worthy to explore them.


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Best Free Audiobooks on Audible



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Izak has witnessed a couple of decades worth of changing tech. He hopes to make it a couple more until his conscience can be copied to a cyborg body.

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