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Top 12 Best Apps for Senior Citizens in 2016

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Written by Izak Van Heerden

With the ubiquity of mobile technology and handheld devices keeping us connected, seniors are keeping up with times – a fact that app developers are well aware of. There are practically apps for almost everything that a tap on the apps store icon would leave one feeling overwhelmed!

Top 12 Best Apps for Senior Citizens in 2016 Gramps on Phone

To save you the time of sorting through, installing and test driving apps to find those that suit your needs, here are a dozen useful apps that deserve to occupy memory space in the mobile devices of users in their golden years. They make life easier and more fun for senior mobile users, and their loved ones. Best of all, these free apps are available for both Android and Apple iOS.

Top 12 Best Apps for Senior Citizens in 2016

FacebookTop 12 Best Apps for Senior Citizens in 2016

For Apple iOS and for Android

The definitive social network needs no introduction. By using Facebook, distant relatives and old acquaintances no longer fall out of touch. Just go on log in and you can find out who is up to what, helping you stay current with the happenings in the lives of people in your personal circle.

Parents and grandparents love Facebook, and to be honest, kids sometimes feel like the old folk know way too much about what’s going on in their lives. A status update like “OMG had way too much to drink last night” would not only be seen by friends, but would probably get a stern comment from parents.

WhatsApp Messenger

Top 12 Best Apps for Senior Citizens in 2016 WhatsApp


for Apple iOS / WhatsApp (for Android)

Let’s face it. WhatsApp is not as popular in the US as in the rest of the world. Americans love to text. However, WhatsApp does have some advantages over texting. For starters you can make a voice call using data only. Make calls using WhatsApp using a Wi-Fi hotspot, and you could save a lot on long-distance charges to contact the kids living in Europe.

The second advantage of WhatsApp over normal texting is the ability to create groups and invite any other WhatsApp user to join. These groups can be created on any subject – the group we have created for family members is extremely handy to keep in touch and organize day to day matters.

Birthday Sweet

Top 12 Best Apps for Senior Citizens in 2016 Birthday Sweet

for Apple iOS / Birthdays (for Android)

As your network of friends expands and your family grows to include grandchildren, keeping track of birthdays can become quite the challenge. It does not help that forgetting someone’s special day can make them feel as if they are out of sight and out of mind in your life. Birthday Sweet and Birthdays are calendar apps designed specifically to remind you of when your loved ones are born.


Top 12 Best Apps for Senior Citizens in 2016 Medisafe

“Take your meds on time,” says the doctor. Sounds simple, right? When you have more than a few pills to take that has to be monitored on clockwork each day, it is easy to forget or missed a dosage. MediSafe is the app dubbed ‘your virtual pillbox’. It allows you to keep tabs on your medication, by receiving reminders when it is time and check off your list once you have taken the meds. The app also allows you to set for someone else to be notified and remind you, in case you forget.

My Medical

Top 12 Best Apps for Senior Citizens in 2016 My Medical

for Apple iOS and for Android

Medical histories are critical information that comes in handy in cases of emergencies. With the My Medical app, you can store and track all your medical records – doctor’s appointment, test results and vital signs – all in one convenient place. Best of all, the app allows you to store the medical histories of family members and send them to the doctor with just a tap of a button.

Instant Heart Rate

Top 12 Best Apps for Senior Citizens in 2016 Instant Heartrate

This revolutionary app work like as a personal pulse oximeter. All you have to do is place the tip if your index finger on the camera lens of your device –just as an oximeter would be clipped on it – and you will get an accurate heart rate reading in just a few seconds, complete with charts. Whether you need to monitor your pulse due to a medical condition or to reach a fitness goal, Instant Heart Rate is an app to count on.

Magnifying Glass Flashlight

Top 12 Best Apps for Senior Citizens in 2016 Magnifying

for Android / Magnifying Glass with Light (for Apple iOS)

If your reading glasses are not within reach, here are two helpful apps to have in your mobile devices. Simply hold your phone or tablet camera up to small prints, and these apps will make enlarge and illuminate the text for you on your device screen.


Top 12 Best Apps for Senior Citizens in 2016 TED

for Apple iOS and for Android

Nothing is more intellectually stimulating and allows you to keep up with the latest going-ons than listening to interesting talks from today’s thought leaders. With the official TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), you can access talks on a myriad of subjects, delivered by some of the most fascinating people, many of which will make for interesting conversation starter at social and family gatherings.


If you are out and about a lot, Waze is a map and navigation app that allows you to gauge traffic conditions, guide you where you want to go, and automatically remembers where you park. Just key in your destination and you are good to go! If you worry about getting lost in large parking garages, Waze can be used to guide you back to your car. It also stores information about where to find parking and how much time you are allowed to park at a particular place.

Fade Fall Detector

on Android

Fall Detector uses the phone’s accelerometer to detect if a person fell. It can then send a message to a pre-configured contact including place and time information to help in locating the person who had the accident. A phone call to the emergency contact is also possible by the app activating the phone’s speaker.


Top 12 Best Apps for Senior Citizens in 2016 Wunderlist

for Apple iOS and for Android

With Wunderlist, you can create to-do lists in your mobile devices, set reminders for important tasks and check off completed tasks. It is a helpful app for organizing and making sure the things you have to do get done. Whether it is a grocery list, vacation plans and daily stuff to get done, this easy-to-use app will have you covered.


for Apple iOS and for AndroidTop 12 Best Apps for Senior Citizens in 2016 Luminosity

Various studies in the medical community have shown that regularly exercising the brain with puzzles and lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Luminosity is an app with over 50 cognitive games, created for the purpose of training the brain by scientists and game designers. The app also has a fit test to assess your baseline mental fitness, so that you can take you intellectual prowess to new levels.


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