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Top Five External Phone Gadgets – The Perfect Christmas Stocking Fillers

Top Five External Phone Gadgets - The Perfect Christmas Stocking Fillers
Written by Darren Wall

It seems as though there’s nothing our smartphones can’t do these days. Thanks to the creation of external phone gadgets, they may have become (if possible) even smarter. For many these little products have created new reasons to use their phones. And now they can be found on the likes of Amazon, offering a huge array of choice.

Which of the 1,000’s of Phone Gadgets is for You?

Whatever you want a little piece of tech for, you can be sure there’s something to meet your needs. As such, I dug a little through what has to offer and came up with the following. Yes, they may not suit everyone, but, with 1,000’s of smartphone gadgets on sale and limited writing time, I chose five of the best.

Telephoto Lens

telephoto lens phone gadget

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If you’re really into taking pictures on your phone, you will be happy to hear about this phone gadget. A mini telephoto lens with an attachment which joins it to your phone for sharper, clearer photos up close. Any phone photographer will understand the frustrations of wanting to zoom in on something. Only to lose sharpness once they’ve done so. Fortunately, with this handy little gadget, you can now get clear and bright photos without losing any of the quality.

It can be found on for $28.99, although there are cheaper options available. Having said that, many positive reviews suggest what you’d be getting is a quality product. Furthermore, I think it’s on sale at a really good price. You will be able to take really high-quality photos for a small fraction of what it would cost you to buy a DLSR camera.

Buy One, and get a discount on selected products.



Mini hand warmer

phone gadgets - hand warmer

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Next on my phone gadgets list, is something for someone who is constantly cold. But, a person, doesn’t want to annoy others by having the heating on. A tiny phone gadget which plugs in to provide you with a small burst of heat. Perfect as well if you’re attending an event outside and don’t want to end up with freezing hands. This little beauty plugs into your phone to charge and heats up. It’s small enough to put in your pocket, and you don’t have to faff around with cooling it down afterward – it does it automatically.

It can be found for $13.89 on Amazon, and with a built-in temperature sensor, meaning it never heats up beyond a certain point, I can assure you its money well spent. It also comes with a cute little-knitted sleeve for extra comfort. For a little Christmas present or even a treat for yourself – I don’t think this is a bad price at all. In fact, this is one of the better-priced ones out there, some of the others online go up to $40. For what you’re paying this really is a handy external phone gadget.


Screen projector

screen projector for your smartphone

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For those who like to watch videos on their phone, they will understand the frustration of trying to see all the detail on a small(ish) screen. With this projector, now all the videos on your phone can be projected onto any large, flat surface. No more squinting to see what’s showing on the screen, all you have to do is insert any phone (double check size requirements), kick back and watch whatever you want.

I found one for $24.99, and I think that’s a fantastic price. A lot of people may be wondering why you would want to buy this? Especially, when you could buy a Chromecast or similar device and play videos on your TV. But Chromecasts can be around $30+, so why not buy something which does a similar job for less money?

This product can be gift wrapped should you require it.

Retro handset

retro home phone handset

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Last but not least on this is external phone gadgets list is something old-school. Okay, it is a little less functional and a bit more whimsical. But, there’s not a law that says all phone gadgets need to have a real practical purpose? This is a retro handset which plugs into your mobile device meaning you can talk into an old-school handset instead of your flat phone. Its perfect for someone who misses the good old days of using these types of phones.

This one is on Amazon for $6.95, but there are others which are slightly cheaper or slightly more expensive. I think this is a worthy choice! Why? Because of its low price, soft touch and the colors that its available in. It makes for a perfect stocking filler or gift for someone that wants to have every gadget available!

Free shipping is available with this product.

Mini electric fan

external fan smartphone gadget

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Those of us who work at a desk know the struggle. It can hot and uncomfortable sitting there for hours at a time, but there is always that one person in the office who is always cold. Meaning you can never switch the air con on. This little phone gadget will solve that. It’s small enough that it doesn’t take up too much room, and it plugs into your phone to give you a burst of cool air without disturbing anyone else in the office.

It has three speeds so you can adjust it to suit you and also be hung directly in front of you if you’re lacking in desk space. This one is on Amazon for under $13.99 and comes in black, pink, blue, black or white. You will be hard pushed to find one cheaper than this, and this external phone gadget will save you forking out loads for a full sized desk fan.


Top 5 External Phone Gadgets

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