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Want a Free Trip to New Zeeland if You’re a Tech Worker?

Want a Free Trip to New Zeeland if You're a Tech Worker
Written by Louise Vee

Would you like a free trip to the land of the Hobbit and attend a guaranteed  job interview?

Immigration New Zealand, WREDA, Workhere and NZTech have launched a joint venture to address a skills shortage in the city of Wellington. A hundred tech workers from across the globe will be flown to the southern tip of the northern island, met at the airport, given accommodation and shown around the city.

An interview with a tech company is guaranteed, but landing the job is unfortunately not, nor are you forced to say yes should you receive an offer. Job offers will be made to selected candidates towards the end of the week. The idea is to introduce overseas talent to the wonders of New Zealand and hopefully land a few.

The deadline for submitting your CV is 20 March, and it looks like the LookSee website is being flooded with applications.




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