What Awaits the Gaming Industry in 2020 and Beyond

What Awaits the Gaming Industry in 2020 and Beyond Banner
Written by Stefan Ateljevic

The outbreak of COVID-19 has, without a doubt, shifted the attention of the gaming community. Before the virus, most gamers were only waiting for news about the release of Sony PlayStation 5. Now that the pandemic is slowing down, it’s time to look at what’s up and coming in the gaming world. After all, video game statistics show that the number of global gamers could grow to 254 million by the end of 2021.

So, which trends will dominate the market in the upcoming period? Here are some of the segments that could experience a drastic rise in 2020 and beyond.

What Awaits the Gaming Industry in 2020 and Beyond Virtual Reality

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AR and VR

Of course, augmented reality will dominate the proceedings, together with its cousin, virtual reality. In essence, the rise of AR began a couple of years back. The continuation of the trend seems to be inevitable in the post-pandemic world. abc

Headsets can already provide immersive gaming experiences. Even so, it seems that the market for virtual battlefields is just taking off.

With the prices of gaming gear going down, more and more gamers will be able to afford high-tech VR headsets. Thus, multiplayer sessions in the virtual world could become one of the dominant forms of gaming.



Cloud Gaming

The ability to stream game data to any thin client device (phones, tablets, netbooks) without being dependent on the next console upgrade is very promising – if it can be shown to work properly. The biggest fear is the dreaded lag, but early reviews of Google Stadia suggest that plenty of bandwidth and a close proximity to Google servers ensures a near flawless gaming experience.

Handheld Gaming

At the same time, gaming on-the-go seems to be growing in popularity as well. The massive success of Nintendo Switch has brought back portable gaming.

So, the gadgets of the future could offer an impressive library of games in a convenient format. After all, handheld devices come equipped with jaw-dropping resolution and lighting fast processors.

For instance, the Alienware Concept UFO is a model that could unleash the full potential of handheld gaming in the years to come.

Mobile Gaming

Since mobile gaming is equally portable, and smartphones can be used for other daily purposes too, they are a viable purchasing option. But what about the performances and the entire gaming experience?

Well, it seems that gaming franchises are jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to mobile gaming. For instance, Call of Duty: Mobile has paved the way for other big names. Thus, we can expect an avalanche of high-profile games arriving on our smartphones in the upcoming period.

What’s more, specialized gaming phones can provide massive power and fantastic performance capabilities. The likes of iPhone XR or the revolutionary ASUS ROG are best suited for avid gamers.


Admittedly, titles such as Ghost of Tsushima or The Last of Us Part II will amaze the world with their realistic graphics.

Nevertheless, many players remain in love with the irresistible blocky charm of 8-bit graphics. So, it seems that the infatuation with retro gaming is still going strong.

A recent hit, Undertale, is proof that 3d gameplay and bleeding edge graphics are not essential to make an addictive game.

Final Thoughts

With the looming introduction of 5G technology, it is clear that the gaming industry is on the cusp of a revolution. The games of tomorrow will intertwine the virtual and physical worlds, which will result in unprecedented gaming experiences.

Yet, it seems that the trends mentioned above could also play a vital part in the gaming community. Either way, a ton of fun awaits avid gamers in the years to come.

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